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Finally, I'm a Father again!

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Hey all, I'm happy to be a new member to these boards and I look forward to getting a lot of knowledge from you pros. Here's a little history regarding my relationship with cats.

I found my first cat 3 years ago, she was a small tabby kitten that just showed up at the door looking for scraps. A few months later, we moved to a new house in the same town, so I took her with me. For some reason, my mom wouldn't let me keep her indoors unless I was home, so Kitten (that was her name, original eh? ) would have to wait outside until I would get home from school. But sadly, only after about a month of living in the new house, either someone stole her, or a coyote got a hold of her.

Now, out of the blue about three days ago, my mom tells me about a cute stray kitten she saw while visiting my Grandma and she asked if I wanted it. I freaked out! I couldn't believe I was finally going to get another kitten. She is the cutest little thing ever ! She's all black with white toes, and some white on her belly and mouth.

If you're still reading, thanks for looking over my thread!
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Ahhhh Lucky kitten and lucky you Welcome to TCS! Do you have a Name for her yet?
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Congrats and welcome! I'm new here, too, and am also a resident of So Cal

So what have you named your new baby girl? Show pics ASAP!
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Oh, duh, forgot to mention her name. Her full name given by my Grandma is "Figaro" because she looks like the cat from Pinocchio, but I think that's too masculine, so I call her Fiji, like the islands.

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Welcome to TCS to you and Fiji! She's so beautiful!
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hello and welcomw to the site your kitten is sooooo cute
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Hi and welcome! If you need any help, just click on my username and drop me a PM or email , I'll be glad to help! Hope to see more of you and that cute little kitty around!
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Hey there SoCalSunset! Welcome to TCS! Fiji is so adorable, can't wait to see more pics of her! If you need help navigating the boards, KittenKrazy (Cindy) and I are to assist you, so please PM one of us and we'll be glad to help! Have fun!!
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aww, congrats! What a cute, sweet kitten!!
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to the site! Fiji is adorable, I am glad your mom suprised you with a new kitten! It looks like this one is allowed inside
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Welcome to the site! Fiji is so cute! I hope she is allowed to be an inside kitty, so you don't have to worry about her.
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Welcome to the site. Fiji is an adorable kitten
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Thanks all for the welcome! And yes, she is an inside at all times kitty! When I get home from work today I'll post a bunch of new pics. The one of her sleeping ( ) is the first one I've ever taken of her. I have a feeling she'll be a photogenic kitten!
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I got all choked up when I read your thread. What a wonderful story and what a cute fur baby. You must indeed be thrilled. Congratulations! Your mom sounds like a really nice mom to have.

We just got a new baby too. I have his picture but I don't know how to post it. He has my husband wrapped around his "paw". It is so cool to watch them together.

Enjoy your kitten!
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My congrats on the new and very cute baby
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Here is a picture of Fiji enjoying the warm welcome from her new friends at the TCS forum.

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Fiji is a doll. You understand, of course, that you have created an addiction, here, which will have to be fed -- with pictures -- lots of them!

Congratulations on your little sweetie, and welcome to TCS!
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Well, at least it's not a bad addiction . Here's a pic of Fiji trying to figure out how to type "hi" on my comp.

I hope you enjoy because I looking at other peoples pets.
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Welcome to TCS to both you and adorable Fiji.

to Fiji.
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I just love the one of her looking at the computer!!! and the one trying to type Both my cats do that - so if you ever see a bunch of letters not making sense thats one of them saying hello
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