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Cats & Olives

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My cat goes funny around olives and I wondered if anyone else had the same experience.

If I put an olive on the floor, he will roll around and rub his face and head all over the olive. He doesn't bat it around or play with it, just wants to rub it all over his fur.

Anyone else have a crazy cat like that and do you know why?

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black olives or green olives? I may have to do a little "experiment" w/Bella after my after-dinner martini. But then it might be the gin and not the olive :o)
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LOL - It was actually a green olive.

It was just so funny to watch. I am assuming there is something in the olive that acts like a "love potent"????
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A friends' cats used to go NUTS over green olives! Bitten would play with it for a good 1/2 hour before eating it, batting it around the kitchen floor. Dice would eat his right away and then try to steal Bitten's olive, so we had to play goalie to keep Dice away from Bitten's olive. It was hilarious! She only gave them each one olive about once every week to two weeks, if I remember right.

From what I understand, it is the heavy salt content that cats are attracted to.
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That's what I was thinking, Heidi, kinda like wy they like tuna juice so much, and sardines - kitties loooove salty stuff!!!! Bella did show some interest in a stray olive the other night when I broke my martini glass (before I'd even tasted it ) but because of the glass I had to shoo her out of the kitchen. Maybe I'll give Bella one, just to see what she'll do with it.

Me, I prefer my olives thoroughly marinated in Bombay or Beefeaters, but occasionally I get a hankerin' for 'em right out of the jar.
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Rocket likes green olives but only if I get them on a pizza. he won't eat them any other way. it's really strange. he doesn't like black ones either. none of the other masters of the house like olives though. Just Prince rocket! LOL!
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