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Pet Color Worries

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I'm trying desperately to find a good home for a new cat that doesn't get along with my current cat. Yesterday I had an inquiry from someone who said they were interested if the cat was all-white. I said that my new cat was a tabby but very sweet and wished they'd consider it anyway. Later I started worrying about whether I'd want the new cat to go to a person that used color as the primary consideration. My cat isn't a piece of clothing or furniture - he's a living creature with feelings just like us! If this person contacts me again and says they'll take my new cat anyway, should I agree?
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If the person only wants a white cat, it's their loss. How long has this cat been at your house? It might be that you haven't give them enough time to get to know one another. And, did you introduce them gradually? That might be your main problem. It does take a while, especially if the first cat has been the only cat in the house for a long time. Try putting kitty #2 in a room by himself with a cat box, food, water and a radio playing classical music. This will give them both a chance to sniff each other under the door. You can also put kitty #2 in a carrier in the middle of the room and let kitty #1 approach it. This will protect #2 from being hurt if there is a conflict. Also, give them both treats at the same time. This will show them that you love them both. Patience is the key. Then, let kitty #2 out of the room while supervising them. There will be hissing and growling which is normal. Never leave the two alone together without someone to supervise them. If, after a while it still doesn't work out, you can place an ad in the local newspaper. A word of caution. When placing the ad, ask for a donation of at least $20. The reason being is that there are alot of research laboratories looking for cats in newspapers, on bulletin boards, etc. They will not pay for a lab cat. These people can be real slick so be careful. I've seen it where they will come to your house all decked out in their Sunday best telling people what they want to hear about wanting a nice cat and it will have a good home, etc. Insist on a donation.

Please try the first suggestion. You might just be surprised. Good luck!
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I wouldn't allow this person to take the kitten if they called back, after all they showed their true colors. White cats are beautiful and lots of people want them just because they are but the purrsonality is what people should consider. A cats purrsonality is everything. We have a tabby with a bobbed tail that lives outdoors, he was born to a stray under the house and just stuck around. He is one of the most loving cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. We call him Fella. He loves to hang out with my husband in his workshop and loves to be held and cuddled constantly. His sister who stuck around also is solid white and the exact opposite. She has a real cattitude. Hates being held and rarely lets you touch her. So see it's not the color that matters and soon someone else will realize that and take you little darling for who he is.
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Okay, I am going to be the odd man out today! I am not going to bash this person for wanting a white cat. If I did that, then I would be saying it's not okay to get a pure breed cat. If thats what your heart is set on, then far be it from me to stop them. If they don't get what they want, the cat might not be in a good home. I would tell the woman to wait and find the cat that she wants. There will be more people who want a cat just to love no matter the color. I am only one of a handful that takes in any old cat even the shy ones. I think I have one in just about every color now. The thing that I think matters most is that if you absolutly cant work it out, that kitty finds a home with lots of love.
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I agree with Donna about trying to keep the cat. There are several posts about this in the behavior forum. I also agree that you need to ask for a donation to lose the nasty people looking for lab animals.

As for people looking for a white cat, you should ask if they had a cat before. Sometimes people who had never had cats only relate to the cat's looks. They may have seen a really cute cat at a friemds' place and all they know is that they want a cat like that (A longhair, or a white, or a male or whatever they recalled about the cat).

This does not necessarily mean they won't be good cat owners once they get to know the cat. You need to make sure that they realize the responsibility they're taking here for the next couple of decades. They need to be aware that cats have claws and teeth and a very special temperament. They need to know that cats can have behavioral problems and medical problems (that can cost a lot of money) etc. etc. Try to deter potential adopters and that way you can screen out people that are looking for a pretty addition to their living room!
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I hope you do decide to keep the cat...but if not, and the person who wanted an all-white cat calls back and agrees to take it...I would let them. I am a major cat lover...and have 9 beautiful cats. But since so many of them are grey tabby's...I really want to get some more variety into them....I would LOVE to find an all-white cat....but that doesn't mean I am opposed to other cats, or wouldn't make a wonderful mommy for ANY cat....it's just that I like to have a variety of colors in my cats....hope that makes sense. Keep us posted....and glad you have joined us!!
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May I suggest having the person come by and "visit" with the cat. Should give you some idea of their compatability. Be aware there are wierd people out there,but this person may want to "replace" a favorite pet. Just pretend you are adopting out a human child.
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Kittyfoot made a good point. I will not sell any of my munchkin kittens unless the people come to my house first. I don't do lots of buisness, but I love the breed and want to see them go to good homes. I myself would like a pure white cat one day. They are very beautiful...hehe preferably a munchkin.
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Don't be too quick to judge this person. I have every variety of cat except a white one and should I ever be looking to adopt a cat (instead of them adopting me) I would be looking for a white one. Both of my adult children have had white cats and they have had wonderful temperments and have been very adaptable.
Now, can someone tell me how to get the icons in different places in the replies?
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Do you mean the similies? Just go to the top of the page when you hit reply...and it has a link to the similies....just click on that and it will take you to a list of similies and tell you what to enter for each one...like this.... :p Is that what you mean?
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Got it! Thanks
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No problem, glad to be of help
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