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Spider meet Cassie, Cassie meet Spider

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So I walk into the bedroom this morning, Craig is laying in bed asleep. I'm in midsentence and suddenly I freeze. My eyes gettin BIIIIG! He looks at me and then follows my gaze to the wall, about a foot and a half above my pillows is this big fat ugly black spider. Sppiiiidddddder. Ewww Uggggh Spiiiiidddeeeeer.

So I'm saying "Hi, kill that thing would you?!!?" And then you know what it does? It starts MOVING up the wall. It kinda freezes mid walk and shakes the back end of its body as if to shakes it's butt as me and say "na-na-na, you can't get me". By this point, I'm totally creeped out, and I swear I feel spiders and bugs crawling all over me. Especially in my hair. EEEK!

So, now it's in the crevice between the wall and ceiling, and Craig decides he's gonna be smart and get one of those air sprayer thingies that you use to dust out your keyboards. He tries to blow this air on the spider to get it to move out of the crevice so he can kill it.

Smarty-pants sprays him with the air and what does that dang eight-legged creepy thing do? Yup, you guessed it. He decided to fall RIGHT BEHIND MY PILLOWS BETWEEN THE MATTRESS AND THE WALL! Way to go Craig-o!

NOW, I'm really freaking out, doing the creeped out, bugs are all over me, KILL THAT THING NOW dance and saying pull the mattresses back pull the matresses back!!!!

He does just that and ACK OMGOMG the black creepy hairy spider and magically just VANISHED. It's not there. I'm screaming, check the pillows check the pillows. Not there either. He moves the mattresses back further, still no spider. Okay, now I'm cussing Craig out for losing this big ole thing on MY side of the bed, where it could CRAWL ON ME WHEN I SLEEP!

Finally, just as Craig goes to get ready and push the mattresses back this thing scurries it's hairy butt out from under the mattress. SQUISH! He steps on it, and I'm happy, but not completely. Now he has to clean the gross smushed, hairy thing out of the carpet near my bed or I'll still get the creeps anytime I go near my side of the bed.

He cleaned it, it's gone. I'm happy again!

Needless to say, I do NOT like spiders.
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Great story! I probably shouldn't admit this, but I generally just leave the spiders for JC to catch. He does a "spider check" of the walls and ceilings every day, and eats them. My husband picks him up so that he can reach the ones that are too high up.
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cassie, thats to funny

but seriously, i would be exactly the same
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