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Today's my Gandalf's Birthday.

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Here's the birthday boy...he's a year old today.

I am I the only one that celebrates my cats's birthdays? I feel a little silly but I did go out and get him a gift.

Edited to ask: Can someone tell me how to resize this picture? Somedays I just have brain farts...
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No, you're not silly at all! I think most of us celebrate out furbabies birthdays!!! Good parents do that!

Happy Birthday to your absolutely HANDSOME Gandalf (love the name, love the movies!), who by the way, has some of the most strikingly beautiful eyes I've ever seen!
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Happy Birthday Gandalf, you beautiful boy!!!!

We usually celebrate our kitties birthdays...(unless we forget but we have a late celebration if that happens!
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What a handsome birthday boy!!! Happy Birthday Gandalf!!! Gorgeous eyes!!

On resizing, it's really easy in PhotoBucket. Click the Edit button above (or is it below?) the picture you are linking to. It will give you the option to Resize, and reduce 75%, 50% or 25%. Choose the option you want and it will automatically update here.
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He is a very regal and elegant kitty. Very refined. I really like this picture!
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Happy Birthday Gandalf. < that's my pressie for Gandalf.
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Awwies.. wookit dat widdle punum.. *dissolves into babytalk* Boun natale! (I'm glad I know so many languages.. it makes it easier to not repeat happy tidings like a chorus)
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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Gandalf
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We celebrate Patches birthday too, usually we give her some turkey breast. It's her favorite food.
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Oh yes almost forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY GANDALF! You have amazing eyes !
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Happy Birthday, Gandalf! What a great looking birthday boy!

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I got Emmers a Fresh Flow Fountain by Petmate for his bday.....too bad he doesn't like it

Happy Birthday G!
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Happy Birthday to the handsome fellow.
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Awwwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY GANDALF! you handsome little boy!.

Yeah we celebrate all our babies birthdays on the site.

When it was Rosies in march she had a new feeding bowl, new toys, and because she's fussy on fish, prawns etc.. but loves steak, thats what she had.

Mt sister even sent her a birthday card from her dog Benji
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