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Guess there is a shortage of flags

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Someone earlier pulled into our driveway and got out of the car, ran across the drive and snatched our big flag we were flying! I was in the shower, Mike saw them come up but he was out in the pasture and couldn't get to the gate in time to even get a description! Pretty damn sad when someone steals your American flag!
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That's a pretty crappy gesture. I'll share a good one to show that not everyone in the world is that low.

This morning I was on car duty before school. One mom drove in with an American flag on her car. It was one of the ones that clips onto the window, like the ones that many have bearing football teams. I had been thinking yesterday that I'd like to buy one of those, so when she pulled up, I asked her where she bought it. She reached into the backseat and pulled out a second one, still in the package, and said, "Here, take this one."

I told her that it wasn't necessary, but she insisted I take it. So I did. That made me feel good.
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i called wally world but they are out. We have another one in the attic, so tomorrow Mike will root it out and plant it. This time, it will hang off the house and not the carport. May my german shepherd dog bite the hand that tries to take it!

Also tonight when Mike took me to dinner it was weird. The restaurant usually so crowded was pretty empty. It is a really nice Japenese restaurant and when our waitress came to the table, she spilled a whole pitcher of ice tea on me! LOL I told her it was no big deal, but she about tripped over herself apologizing to me. When our fortune cookies came, she was standing at the table and I broke mine open and read aloud "You will have a pitcher of ice tea poured on you today!" At least when we left, she was giggling.
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There is a definite shortage of flags. I have one on my Dad's grave. It better be there when I visit tomorrow. I'm going to color one with crayons and put it in my living room window and do another one for my car. That solves THAT problem.

Another thing I might try is go on line to see if there is a picture of a flag. I've got a color printer and might be able to print one out. We'll see.

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We have the flag that covered my Dad's coffin and we usually fly it from the front porch on Memorial Day, etc. I asked my sister if she was going to get it out and fly it now, but she said that she had heard from people at work, that a lot of folks were having their flags stolen in the city. It would break my heart to loose Dad's flag; so we will try to purchase another one to fly from the porch. I like Donna's idea about printing off a flag to put in the window. I will go to "google" search engine and try to see if they have images to download. I will let you know, Donna.
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Thanks. I got your e-mail and have forwarded it to my home e-mail address. I also have my father's flag. But there is no way I would take the chance of having someone steal it. It would also break my heart. People can be so cruel.

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I heard on the radio today that someone tried to buy a flag because of the shortage, and the store that had one left charged over $100! That is so sad to charge for that much!
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There must be a shortage everywhere. We are displaying my husband's grandfathers funeral flag. We were going to remove it from it's triangular presentation box, but with all the flag stealing going on, we put it in the window in the box. We hope to remind those who see it that there have been many who fought and died for this great nation and the freedom that we take for granted all too often.
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considering what happened today, I expect this to get worse, not better.
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It must be some Idiot Virus. The publisher of a local paper has had 4 Canadian flags stolen off his home this past summer. The last time they took pole and all. It's disgusting no matter which country. It also ticks me off when I see some "business" put up a flag and leave it there until it falls off like some old rag,all tattered and dirty.
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Agreed. They ought to be arrested.
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Here is a photo of Kiki Kat "guarding" one of my flags the other night.

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