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GAH! Tail on Fire!

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So, Rob and I decided to have a nice candle light dinner last night. Since we don't have any chairs yet, we were sitting on the couch and we lit the candles in the votives on the coffee table. Grissom never bothers them and stays away from fire. It looked all romantic and such, until I went to the kitchen to get the steaks. Next thing I hear is Rob cussing and swearing, and I run back in. There Grissom was, sauntering around the room with Rob traying to grab him, perfectly oblivious that his tail fur had caught on fire. At first I was terrified, but afterwards, the hilarity of the scene hit me. There was my dignified little kitty prancing around the room with his tail and head held high, completely oblivious to the fact that his tail was burning.

There was no damage, thankfully. And it didn't burn much of his tail, never touching the skin. In fact, I still don't think he realized what had happened. However, our apartment smelt like burnt hair for a good hour afterwards.
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OMG you and Grisson are so lucky it wasn't worse, he could have really been hurt. I like to have candles lit also but I only light 1 or 2 now and make sure I stay in the room with them to keep an eye on Dori to makre sure there aren't any accidents. Cats change their minds about things so often. One day they act uninterested in something, and the next day they want to play. I am sure you will, but please be careful next time you have candles lit, we wouldn't want poor Grissom running around with no tail
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Oh my gosh! What a fright that must have been for you! Thank goodness Grissom wasn't hurt, and since he wasn't.....that's a scene worthy of a movie!
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Yikes! Not only that, but a cat running around with a tail on fire could have set fire to many other things in the house. It could have become very nasty fast! So glad that you and Grissom are BOTH okay!
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Awwwww poor Grissom ,bless him.

I like candles as well but i havent lit them since i got Sophie because she's into everything at the minute so there would be a Grissom act 2 in the house
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MY solid white cat did that once in the middle of thanksgiving dinner last year. She had a nice black skunk like down her tail and it never even phased her either. It sure did make for a laugh afterwards. Geez I happy she is ok too and also never thought about her starting other things on fire. Thats scary. She now stares at the candles from a distance.
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That's exactly why I don't burn candles. Sam always wants to sniff at them and he has a habit of flipping his tail where it shouldn't be. Im glad Grissom is okay.
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One of my kitties, Winston, when still just a tiny little boy of only a few months old...stepped up to sniff a candle and singed one of his long eyebrows right off. (He's a Maine Coon)

I was right there and he had jumped on the table so fast, and the damage was done before I could even quickly scooped him up. He didn't even know that it had happened as it turned out. The eyebrow in question WAS about 4 inches long (on his tiny kitten head) and it had just kind of singed into a little curley cue and to this day hasn't grown back!

Even now I am careful with candles though because of the experience...and Winston fell in love with my father over one summer many years has been living in a candle free home for for some time. But he always has been the most inquisitive of my kitties...and even if he is in SC, he is still my baby.
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LOL, I dont even use the stove in fear of something like this happening.
Good to hear that he is ok!
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I can relate to that. I have to watch Gandalf like a shark. He has the bad habit of wanting to sniff candles while they're burning needless to say melted whiskers have happened once. I've just taken to putting the candles on a high piece of furniture do he can't get to them.
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I'm glad Grissom is okay. We don't light candles at all in the house - years ago we had a cat who would swipe at the flame with his paw, so that was the end of candles and gas ranges. Cats are just so quick that it's difficult to prevent accidents.
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Poor Grissom! And since he is oblivious, he wont exactly have learned from his mistake

When my Pookie (Turkish Van) was about 4 months old he stepped over a votive and just stood there. I smelled something burning and looked to the candle and he was just standing there as the fire lit his belly fur. He had NO clue. His beautiful white belly was black! I had to cut all the hair off and the apartment smelled nasty! I was so upset and then I couldn't stop laughing at him

I'm MUCH more careful with candles now, though.
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The candle lighting is now limited to mantle candles only. It's just his tail, its so fluffy and it gets into everything...
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I am laughing, because just yesterday I was joking with a friend about this exact thing happening.
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Ewwww... I just reread my post and I don't think it came across very well. I am just always paranoid when it comes to Dori and she tried sniffing candles before, the flame, silly cat would have burned her nose. I can hardly even leave the kitchen when I am cooking because I am scared she is gonna jump on the stove. I know it was just a freak accident, and I am sorry if I did come across like it wasn't. Please know that was not at all my intention.
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Oh no, Squirtle, it came across okay!
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Whew! I was really worried there for a sec. I just didn't like the way I worded it and wanted to make sure you didn't take it wrong
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Yeah, we can't do the candle thing either! My bf's cat is terrible for nocking things over. She just doesn't care! Prances around on the coffee table or shelves and knocks off mugs and chapstick and whatever else is there, and then just looks disinterestedly at the stuff on the floor and goes back to preening. It's terrible! So I'm sure she'd have no problem bumping her haughty self into candles aswell

It's odd for me to see because my siamese cats are soooo careful around stuff. You should see them squeeze and shift their bodies just to avoid moving a picture frame a centimeter.
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I love candles, especially aromatherapy ones, but since I've got the four rascals I never use them any more. Glad you were both OK.
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Wow. Good every body okay.
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no candle burning in my house either
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