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Rosie's on a diet!

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She went for her yearly check up and booster on saturday, then the part i was dreading was the weigh in!.

The vet said she was just over 10lb when she really should be just over 8lb as she has a small frame.

So it wasn't as bad as i thought, but i'll be cutting back on her treats.

She also said having Sophie as a companion to run around the house with was a good idea as housecats tend to put more weight on than outdoor cats.

Another good thing was Rosie weighed 12lb on my scales at home, so that means i'm also 2lb lighter
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I know how you feel about the diet thing. I know that when I take Dori for her annual exam, I am gonna have to put her on a diet. Last time I brought her in (3 months ago) she weight 10.5 lbs. I am sure she weighs a little more now.
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Oh The Sammycat says the first 3 letters in diet is "die" I've had the big boy on a diet for about a year now and he has lost some. I'm not sure where he is right now but about 6 months ago I had him weighed in at 12 lbs down from 14 lbs.

Rosie, The Sammycat says hang in there girl it's not that bad.
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What kind of "diet" works for you folks? One of our cats needs to lose just over a pound, another needs to lose about four. We've tried several different foods, lite, regular with less portion, just canned (runny poop resulted), and now are trying feeding three times a day instead of four. We play daily, but of course never enough in our minds. Thanks!
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I'm just going to start Rosie with 'Purina Light' kibbles. But when you change food it has to be mixed in a little at a time with their normal food so their tummies can get used to it.
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Good luck! I've never been able to get JC to eat the "light" stuff, so I mix it in with the regular adult kibble.
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