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Remember Hissy asking for pics?

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Well, in case you were still wondering what they were for, here's your answer!

Congrats to everyone whose wonderful pics were chosen for this project! (I couldn't pass up the chance to brag on my Ophelia.... If you choose Greeting Cards, Customize, Ophelia is the 2 Divide Landscape example! )
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Congrats! Ophelia is a very pretty cat.

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Hey those are cool.... me likey My Oscardoodle is on a greeting card
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My Milo too!
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Uh question here......Can we go ahead and buy some of these things yet or are they still in the making?
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Beautiful kitties! Congratulations, you guys!
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Oh that is so cool! Worth the wait!!
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You may buy now, the store is officially open-
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Uh, Oh! *Kumbulu prepares to take her credit card for a walk*
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Oh cool....Lyra is the Picture Puzzle love it!
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My Simba is on there, too. He's the luggage tag example!
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Nice stuff, too.
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They are fantastic, what a great idea.
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Wow, that's awesome. Pretty cool stuff!!

I see two of my kitties there: Piper is on the sweatshirt, and Ariel is on the Keychain!
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I am lost...I can't find Ophelia Heidi!! Help, please
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For everyone, be sure to check in the Customize Your.... sections for more pics of our gorgeous kitties!

Ophelia is in the Customize Your Greeting Card section (click the Greeting Card pic, then Customize....), then she's in the middle on the bottom.
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I still don't see her
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