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I have a big palm tree i recently transplanted into a bigger pot. My cats seem to be using it as a litter box. Any suggestions on to how to get them to stop. So far they are just peeing in it. Anything i can put in the soil that wont harm the tree, but keep them away?

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Hey there...

See if this post helps you:


By the way..I found this by doing a search on "peeing" "plant".

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This product may help you

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You can get a piece of plastic or cardboard, cut it into a circle and cut a smaller cirlce in the middle just slightly bigger than the plant's trunk. fit this to the bottom of the plant so the circle covers the soil.
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Kind of like this.

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Thanks so much for the advise. I put some tin foil over the soil for now. It seems to be keeping them out of it.
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