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Help! Work has gotten psycho and I need advice.

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For the past two years, I've been working with a very false, two-faced person. She acted very nasty to us in the lab, but was all sweetness and light to our boss. If we tried to talk to him about the things she did to the rest of us in the lab, he'd excuse her because she was "nice" and "sweet".

Last year, she was looking for a new position. At that time, she started acting towards the boss the way she acted to everyone else. Needless to say, she didn't get the new position and immediately started kissing up to the boss again. He was a bit more wary, but hired her back on again.

Well, for the past two or three months, she's been looking for a new job and has been even more nasty to us in the lab, as well as the boss. It's gotten so bad he's been keeping an official record with our administrator of what she has said and done (like claiming one of the lab members cursed her out in front of all of us when it never happened, or coming in 3 hours late or not coming in and not calling in at all).

Today, he got undeniable proof that she's been lying to him, to the rest of us in the lab, and that she's been trying to block the rest of us from doing our work. The problem is my boss has taken this personally. I tried to tell him (in a very nice way) that what she has done is definately grounds for firing. But, to paraphrase what he said, he wants to play her the way she's been playing him.

I feel stuck. She's done enough to be fired several times over, and the fact that she "gets away with it" again and again without any punishment has really caused the morale in the lab to go down. Plus, I think my boss is failing as a manager but not firing her. When he gets mad at her, he has a tendency to take it out on the rest of us.

I'm sick of keeping my mouth shut. Despite my personal feelings, she needs to go. Should I try and talk to my boss, to our administrator (who only started 3 months ago and really doesn't know the history of what's going on), or should I try and talk to someone else?
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Christy, if there is documentation and someone above your manager I would have to say that talking with the administrator would be a way to handle it. Unless you think that your manager would listen to you, but it doesn't seem like that's a possibility.
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Your Boss I'm assuming runs, owns, or has significant clout regarding the business. He needs to keep it aboveboard and begin the disciplinary process that most states require to terminate her employment. By "playing" her he opens up his company for potential liability. You administrator needs to be informed of this. You can do this via a letter with no signature left in the office mail or under his door.

Just our $0.02

Jeff & Sue
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