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Does Age Make A Difference?

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Somebody had told me if I de-claw my kitten as young as possible that the de-clawing wouldn't hurt as much. Is this true? My kitten's nails are truly hurting the heck out of me. And I just wanted to know should I de-claw her now as a baby or when she gets a litter older? Any suggestions?

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This board is very anti-declaw no matter what age. Only in rare circumstances would anyone here ever condone doing this to a cat. If you are worried about your furniture or getting scratched you can in time teach this cat how to properly use her claws. I would suggest that you read this link thoroughly before making such an enormous decision.

And a note to ALL members, this thread is not to be turned into a hotbed of debate. If you want to add your knowledge to this thread, that's great. But please don't turn it into a flamefest.

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Well, pain is pain no matter how old you get it done. I do know, though, that my vet absolutely, positively will NOT do it to a cat over 6 months old, and will try to talk people out of it before 6 months. Declawing is really a very extreme measure - it is amputating their first knuckle. This is no manicure!

Have you tried trimming the kitten's claws? Asked about SoftPaws (they are nail caps for kitty that make the claws dull, and they come in cool colors too!)? Do you have scratching posts for kitty for her to dull those little claws on? There are a lot of alternatives to declawing that will keep kitty whole and you a happy kitty owner.
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I was going to suggest trying SoftPaws, but I see valanhb has already done that. Here's a link to more product information. http://www.softpaws.com/
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BabyPeaches..Hey Vanessa....the reason your kitten's nails are hurting you is because it is probably time for you to trim them. Yes..that is part of the joy of kitten/cat ownership..that once a month (or for individuals like myself once a week) one on one time with your cat. Believe it or not...now is the PERFECT time to get your kitten to become familiar with nail trimmings....if you do it right...after a while the kitten/cat will not mind as much when you have to trim them again. What you will want to do is get a nice pair of scissors..either human nail scissors or cat nail scissors (which you can buy at any petstore). You want to hold your kitten's pad and extend the nail out as far as you can. You take the scissors and gently cut off the tips of each nail (don't forget the dew claw) so that it is blunt. Over time the nails will grow back out and become sharp again and that is when you know you need to trim them again. Also...while you are trimming the kitten's nails you need to make sure you avoid trimming the quick..which is a nerve that runs into the nail (someone correct me if I am wrong with that)...you will be able to see the quick because as the nail is extended you will see the nail go from clear (good to cut) to cloudy (bad to cut)...you want to avoid cutting into the clowdy part (which is about half way down the nail). As long as you regularly keep your kitten's nails trimmed..you should not have to resort to declawing.

I would trim your kitten's nails in a bathroom where if she gets out of your arms she can't run too far. Additionally, I have special "nail trimming" treats..so my cats don't mind the trimming so much because they get treats afterwards. I give tarter control treats...3 or 4 pieces for each time. Works like a charm.

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I didn't know that by declawing a kitten that it would actually hurt them. People that I know that declawed their cats said that their cat was fine afterwards and that there was no problem. So I figure since that sounded ok, that I would probably declaw my kitten. But I never knew that by declawing, they also amputating their first knuckle. That is so harsh. Thanks for the suggestions and information.

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