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Rosiemac welcome back, we missed you!

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Guys, Susan was very upset about being gone for 4 days, so I thought it would be nice to let her know how much we missed her

Welcome back Susan, I hope you had a wonderful mini-vacation
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Hey Susan! How are Rosie and Sophie doing? Still buddies??
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Susan? Hmmmm I know that name from somewhere?????????

Oh I REMEMBER you! Welcome back!
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Vacation?.......I want a vacation. Glad you're back Susan, I'm jealous thou I didn't get to go
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Welcome Back to three of my fave girls. Susan,Rosie and Sophie!! Hope you had a good break.
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Welcome back Susan. Hope you all had a wonderful time.
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So glad you and the girls are back, Susan! We missed you! Sure hope you can do something about a computer by Summer! What would we ever do with out you for so long?!
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Welcome Back Susan!!!!!
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OMG what a welcome back!. Thank you everyone, i've filled up with tears now, honestly . I've really missed everyone and wondered how Sasha and Leo were.

I have to get a lap top for the summer, four days is long enough, a weekend is long enough, but two weeks!!!

Sophie went for her second lot of jabs on saturday and now she's started washing Rosie now . Rosie still washes her bum(eew eew eew), and if she tries to get up Rosie pins her down until she's done!

I strained my neck on friday morning when i woke up and it started getting worse over the weekend so i went to see the doctor yesterday who gave me stonger painkillers.

He asked how i did it?. I said i'd just woke up with it, which i had, but how could i tell him the real reason was because Sophie was lying on my pillow above my head with her back paws stretched down the side of my face so i couldn't move in case i woke her up?!
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Susan is your neck feeling any better this morning? When Dori used to sleep on my head, I never got any sleep because I didn't want to roll over and wake her up. I would just lay there awake and uncomfortable. Finally, once I got her kitty bed, I would carefully pick her up and lay her in her bed.
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I am now that the painkillers have kicked in . The doctor said a strain like this should clear up within a week, but if not i've to go back for a bit physio.

It's the only place Sophie sleeps on a night time. Any other time she snuggles up with Rosie, but on an evening she lies on me, then above my head when i'm in bed.

I love it though because i can hear her breathing right in my ear, but unlike Rosie who curls up to sleep, Sophie stretches right out
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Rosiemac, welcome back. It looks like you need to take up an exercise program and strengthen that back. Situps will do the trick for that backproblem.
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Welcome back Susan. Have been thinking about you. Lovely to read your posts again.
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How's your neck? I used to have the same problem when JC was a kitten, because he insisted on sleeping on my head. After having major back problems, I started to move him from my head to my feet, and put an acrylic blanket at the foot of the bed for him to curl up under. He's five now, and his favorite place to sleep is on my feet. He still feels the necessity of combing my hair and cleaning my ears every morning, but that's not as bad as having a big cat sleeping on your head every night.
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yes its nice to have you back susan, how u been?
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Susan, while you were away, they have been planning things, like garden parties, would you believe. Now if they have one, we here in the UK have to get together. What do you say???
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you can count me in too!!!
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Carrie great!! We've got to do it!!
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i agree, socks says he'll see ya there
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Just give me the dates girls and i'll be there!!! . I love a good party!

CASPAR: I thought i would be excused from the gym last night, but was i heck!. I was told to do every cardio machine, as well as my abdomenal crunches, rowing machine and leg weights as long as i did no weights that went above my head, so i didn't get out of it after all

JCAT: The necks not to bad today, it's mainly first thing in the morning when it's a bit stiff, but once i'm up it's not too bad.
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glad to hear your necks getting better.
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