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question about food

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I have a question to ask about cat food. I feed my cats (I have two,
one is maine-coone, the other her daughter is half maine-coone and
american shorthair). The mother weighs 10 lbs. and the daughter is
bigger and weighs 16 lbs. I feed them twice a day with Eukanuba dry
weight control formula. I give them for the day 1/4 in morning and 1/4 in the evening. I also give them a quarter of one packet of whiskas homestyle pouch soft food. They get a half of one packet each per day.
What I want to know is if the food I am feeding them is good for them or not. Would I be better off using Innova or Nutro-Max.?? They are not what you call active cats, and the 16lb one is fat. One is three years the other two. I would appreciate your imput on this matter.
Thank you,
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If they are doing good with the food they are eating, I would not switch. Eukanuba is one of the better foods. I don't know what the recomended amount for each cat is with that food. I would stick with the recomended amounts. The wet food is not quite as good for them. It puts the weight on more so than the dry.
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The 10 lb cat is not overweight for a Maine Coon, I don't think 16 is either for that breed. however, if U R concerned, there are "Diet" foods available, I believe Science Diet offers one.
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