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ouch!!! toothache

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god ive had the most worse toothache all day! but i dont know if its my wisdom teeth coming through.

i havnt been the dentist for about 6 years! but ive never had any trouble with my teeth, but im sooo scared of the dentist , so im really hoping its just my wisdom teeth, because its only hurting at the back, with a bit of a lump...(sorry to be discusting )
sorry for moaning, but i needed to tell someone
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Hmmm Carrie, if it is your wisdom teeth you still might need to get them checked out at the Dentist. I am terrified of the dentist, I hyperventilated when I went in for a filling! But I just had to have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled (yes, at the same time) about 6 months ago because they were impacted. (I am 24 and they were just trying to really come through)
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i cant go to the dentist, i really cant, i couldnt sit there while they pull my teeth out .

ill just live on pain killers for a few months
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Well I thought the same thing too believe me. I was a wreck when I went. They had to hold my arm down to sedate me. I went under IV sedation for my wisdom teeth and actually the being at the dentist part wasn't that bad. I actually saw an oral surgeon and when I woke up, it seemed like only 15 minutes passed and they were done. It was a pain for a few days though. I could eat much. You I lived on Mac n cheese for 3 or 4 days, and milkshakes were great too. You can't use a straw for a month though. I had really good pain medicine too, perkaset (sp?) but I couldn't work for 4 days after I had them pulled. I really felt bad. I think the not eating and drugs really took their toll on me.
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now i really scared
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No I didn't mean to scare you. Seriously the surgery was nothing. I was so worried before hand I was about sick but I promise it was nothing. Recovering wasn't unbearable. It felt like having earaches in both ears. The pain medicine helped, it just knocked me out. Once I took it, I was asleep for at least 4 hours. When I said I felt bad for a few days after having them pulled, I meant just drained. Sleepy and sick from not eating much. It may not even be your wisdom teeth, and like you said, it very well could stop hurting in a few days. Wisdom teeth can move around some and then stay put for a while. Please don't worry I would say just go to the dentist for a check up. Let them take x rays and let you know what the trouble is. That should be all they do on the first visit is x ray and look around.
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i know you wasnt scaring me, thanx for the advice anyway, ill see how they are tomorrow and go from there, but i did have a bit of trouble with them last christmas and then the pain just went, so fingers crossed
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I hope you don't have to visit the dentist either! I hope it feels better soon
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Yes I hope! It sound hurtful!
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OUCH! I know just what you mean about having a toothache but I also know what can happen if you ignore it! I was in the hospital for a week last November, and out of work for over 3 months all because of a toothache. My Wisdom tooth had gotten infected I swelled up like a ballon and was so bad off that after my stay in the hospital I was put on a medication that I had to give to myself through an IV. Yup I had to do my own IV's.........I was very lucky tho. All the Dr's and Nurses at the hospital told me that people in my condition useally ended up unconcious in the ICU with machines breathing for them. Please go to the Dentist no matter how much you hate it. you will be much more happier getting it taken care of before it gets to be as bad as mine was. If my ex hadn't of stolen my computer I would post pics of what I looked like compared to what I normally look like. It's not pretty nor is it fun. Please promise me you'll get to a dentist!!!!!!!!
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Slipping you a Vicodin now.....ssssshhhhhhh don't tell anyone. I hope that you feel better real soon. Having wisdom teeth taken out is no fun but believe me after it is all said and done you will feel 100% better. I had all four of mine cut out when I was 18, yeah cut out my roots were wrapped around the jaw bone and actually cracked my jawbone when he removed one. Then to top it all off I had a dry socket afterwords. Better to have gone through that than to let my top ones come out through my cheeks. For someone who has such a big mouth(that would be me) The Denist said my mouth is really teeny.......imagine that Oh yeah real painful but like Tanya said the Percocet is awesome. Not trying to scare you here but much better to get those puppies out before something like that happens.
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earlier this year I went to the dentists after not going for 17 years. They terrified me. Now I have had a couple of extractions, a few fillings and a god de-scaling and all is good. I will no longer have to suufer by yearly two weeks of agony from my teeth. It really doesn't hurt, the people there will be great and you will feel much, much better. As a personal bonus there was also a couple of really pretty nurses!
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I hope you get to the dentist. But in the mean time... a good toothache remedy is whole cloves. Go buy some and put it between the teeth and your cheek or bite gently on it. Leave it in your mouth. Years ago I had a root canal and after my dentist "derooted" it (or whatever they do!) he packed it with clove slivers then put my temporary filling in it. Never had a bit of pain! And since have heard many times that cloves are a natural pain killer!
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Getting your wisdom teeth yanked isn't so bad, they give you lots of nice pain killers. AND it gives you a valid reason to live on chocolate milkshakes for a week.
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Yikes! Not only that, but a cat running around with a tail on fire could also have set fire to a lot of other things in the house in a hurry. It could have become very nasty fast! So glad that you and Grissom are BOTH okay!
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ahhhh come on Cazx01, extractions really are not bad at all. I'm a dental student and i've always thought that extractions are the easiest proceedure to carry out (plus it's a whole lot of fun for the dentist )

Anyway it may be you just need a filling, can you distinguish which tooth the pain is coming from?? Is the pain triggered by something or spontaneously comes and goes? How long does it last?

Really there is nothing to worry about. Not trying to scare you but sometimes ignoring the pain and going into the whoe painkiller deal and hoping it will 'go away' can make matters a whole lot worse and lead to serious infection, or you may lose a tooth which could otherwise be saved.
Anyway, you'll have LA so you wont feel a thing, many patients always wonder why they made such a big fuss about visiting in the first place.
Good luck!
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Carrie sweetie, go to the dentist!.

I hate the dentist but i go once a year and even if i need a tiny filling i make him put some of the numbing gel on my gum before the needle, it's for the children really, but i hate any form of pain.

If you explain your fears to the dentist he will understand.
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I hate the dentist as well and hold on the arm rests so tight that I leave indents in the chair. I was 22 when I had to have my wisdom teeth cut out because they were impacted. I had it done on my lunch hour and went back to work. I never had any real problems with them and didn't have much pain afterwards.
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toothache has gone now, i don know why?? i didnt take no painkillers this morning, but its been ok so far, so ill see how it goes over the weekend and if it still hurts, i may think about going the dentist
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Please Caxz I am begging you! the pain comes and goes Mine did for months before my face swelled up. Please get it checked out. I don't want to see someone go through what I did. It's not fun not being able to eat for weeks because you can't open your mouth wide enough to fit anything in it. For 2 weeks I lived off of only water. Then when I finally went to see someone about it they were all telling me I shouldn't have been breathing on my own! that I shouldn't have been walking much less worrying about if I could eat or not!!!! This is a very Serious matter!! Take care of yourself!

I hate to sound so bad I just know what COULD happen and I only want to make sure that people understand that Toothache can become life or death matters.
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my ordeal

This is the thread I started when my "toothache" started.
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