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Kitty has run off HELP!

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I have two cats - 3 yrs and 1 yr. I just moved from the city to a house in the country. Although I left strict instructions, one of the movers opened the door to the kitty room and the older cat has run away. I left food out for her and saw her twice, but she is totally freaked (understandably) and has now been out for three days.

My heart will be broken if she doesn't come back. We have moved before and she handled it very well, but she was kept inside for almost two weeks before being let out.

Give it to me straight. What are the chances that she will eventually come back? Is there anything at all I can do? She has a tag with our phone number, but the closest neighbor is a mile away. No predators out here, thank god, but I don't know how she will survive.

Thank you for any help you can give!!
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That is so frightening. I wonder if she is exploring her new surroundings and also taking some time out for herself to adjust to the changes. Was she normally an outside cat or was she always an indoor only cat?
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Here is an article, that i hope will help you find your missing one

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It is frightening. I have been hoping that she is doing both - exploring and adjusting in her own way. We have always had a kitty door that she would use to come in and out at her leisure. She has come in to new territories before and seemed to have no problem, but this place is very different with lot of loud birds and deer cruising through our yard. Thank you for your response. I will keep watch and hope for the best.
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Alche please read the article. A gentleman who lost his cat, along with myself wrote it so that people could be armed with what to do when this happens. Of the two of us, one of us didn't have their cat come home, the other did.
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Thank you for passing on the article - it has lots of great tips that I am already putting to use. I appreciate your compassion so very much.
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I do hope your cat comes home. Please keep us posted.

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