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Owe owe OWE Onyx NO

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Help, he wants to eat my toes. Everywhere I walk I have to guard them. He attacks everyone feet. I tell him "NO" and sometimes he listens but othertimes he just can't resist. I can almost hear his thought proccess " OooOO toes, hmm should I? She's gonna say owe...hmmm yes here I go...awe man she said no again..But... BUt... TOES GOTTA HAVE EM"

He's got very sharp teeth and claws and my feet are all scratched up now to the point it almost hurts to put shoes on. He also seems to think if I say no to one foot that only means no to 'that' foot but the other is fair game....
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Try putting lemon juice or mentholatum on your socks or feet. Cats usually hate these scents and will quickly learn to avoid your feet. Also, make sure you never ever play with your cat using your hands or feet....only play with him using toys. If you play with your hands or feet he will learn that it is okay to attack humans.
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My cats LOVE mentholatum! I have to be VERY careful when I use anything with menthol in it like Stop Pain Spray for muscle aches and Ben Gay as they won't leave me alone and if some gets on the carpet they go crazy rolling in that area of the carpet. They like it more than Cat Nip and they become even more aggressive about getting at it and not letting others near it when they smell it.

They make cat deterrant sprays for scratching and just plain keep away sprays that you can buy at any pet store, I'd try something like that maybe?
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I taken to picking him up when he bites me and I pat him. I have to worm my hands around a bit so he can't bite them but after a few minutes he seems to remember he likes to be petted. Though he is still shredding me on a daily basis, I can't go anywhere with out shoes on. I heard only another 8 monthes and he will start to settle down....
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Drag a toy on a string behind you to distract him, then once he goes for it, play with him about 10 minutes tiring him out.
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Our cat is a "toe freak", too. We've both taken to always wearing socks around the house, even in bed. Do you paint your toenails? If so, try leaving the polish off for a while. I've noticed that a lot of pets are attracted to it, resulting in a lot of toe licking or nipping.
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TEN minutes? lol didn't work this cat is worse then the energizer bunny LOL, he just keep going and going and going and going and go... aww you get the point.
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Rosie makes a trill noise as soon as i take my slippers off as if to say "play time!"
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