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Moving problems

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Four days ago we moved into our new, much larger than our apartment, house. We have two cats. Chauvy has taken to the move extremely well, but Brisko is just the opposite. He was traumatized for the first two days, hiding, shaking and scurrying at any sudden noise. He has become much more relaxed and himself the past two days. However, I woke up this morning to one of my many potted indoor plants dug out and used as a litter box (both urinated and defecated in). I have seen Chauvy use the litter box but not Brisko, although he has been brought to the boxes at least 10 times a day so he knows where they are. They are exceptionally clean (once a day scooped out). He has had previous UTI problems. I called the vet and they said it's most likely not that but if it happens again I have to bring him in. Since I didn't see it happen, it could be Chauvy, but my guess is that it's Brisko since he was traumatized and I haven't actually seen him use the litter like I have with Chauvy. Could this just be an outlash to the move since he was so disturbed? Will this subside? The two cats are locked in the basement with their two clean litterboxes while we're away at work to avoid any other mishappenings. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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It is possible that in the stress of moving Brisko has developed a UTI. Stress is one of the factors of this afflection. And certainly his world has been shaken up a bit, and though he doesn't know it yet, the move was for the good. But cats love routine, and you change their world in anyway large or small, they can become ill.

I would first of all take him in to the vet and have him checked out. Ask the vet to do a cystocentesis that is the best way to find infection. If he checks out healthy, add another litter pan in a secure location. Make sure the pans are clean and scooped regularly. What smells clean to us, doesn't necessary hold true for our cats. Also look into the flower remedy by Bach called Walnut. Drop a few drops in your cat's mouth or water, whatever is easier. It will help with the adjustment period.

Another reason could be an old pet stain in your apartment, that you can't smell but Brisko can. One way to find out is get hold of a black light, wait until midnight, douse your lights and turn on the black light. Urine will glow in the dark-

Good luck!
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