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Other Cats coming in....

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I have not posted for a while - everything has been fine with Guinness who is now 9 months old. He has grown up fast and is a picture of health.

During the night and day time he is kept inside but when I get home from work I open the cat flap for him to go outside. He likes going outside because as soon as I get home he sits by the door. Most of the time I am in the garden with him as he is still a young boy so I like to keep an eye on him. He is so curious and loves jumping in and out of the plants or chasing flies around the garden!

There is one slight problem... one of my neighbours cats has been coming in the cat flap when I am not looking and has sprayed 3 times. She says that he is been fixed so I am not sure how he can be spraying? The first two times I found a puddle on the wooden floor and on Friday just gone I actually caught the cat in the living room spraying up my curtains....

So my question is, would the other cat be doing this as a mark of teritory? Also, have any of you used a magnetic cat flap and if so how did your cat get along with it?

Thank you
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Neutered males can spray and so can spayed females. This time of year, I am sure there are so many scents in the air that the neutered one is spraying as a result of that. If you don't get all the urine off the door and the surrounding areas- urine can really travel. The cat will return every three days to refresh his mark. I just ran across a website that had a special pet door where your pet can use it but strays can't. I will see if I can find it again and post the link.
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