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My baby's made herself at home!

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I was so proud of Bella this weekend! She's been with me almost two months, and she's decided she likes it here. I called the shelter I adopted her from, and they were pleasantly surprised at how sociable she's become, because she was pretty much a phantom kitty when they had her. I've had company several times since she's been here, and she always has to keep an eye on things, even if she's pretending not to pay any attention to us.

This last week she's been very snuggly - I had a nasty sinus infection last weekend and spent a lot of time on the couch, and this week when I would come home from work and flop down to relax she would immediately crawl up in my lap for pets and head bonks - she loves kisses on the forehead!

She finally understands that it's OK to sleep on the bed with me. I was VERY grateful for that Sunday night, because we had a horrible thunderstorm come thru about bedtime, and the tornado sirens went off. Instead of getting bored after ten minutes and getting up to play, she stayed on the bed with me until I fell asleep. (I was thinking, "Good, because I don't want to have to go looking for you if I have to make a mad dash for the bathroom/shelter!) She also comes to wake me up in the morning, because she wants her foood!!

Yesterday she slept on my chest, her head on my shoulder just like a babe, for almost an hour, and I realized she is MY baby! I just couldn't stop giving her kisses and scritches, and I know now I have a friend for life. How I survived almost ten years without a furbaby I will never know, but I won't be doing it again, I know that!!!
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WOOOOHOOOO!!! Great bonding!!!

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That is so sweet! Bella is such a great companion, and such a little love! Sweet girl, I'm so glad you saved her from the shelter.
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Yay Bella & Rica Lynn!!! Your post brought a great big huge smile to my face congrats!!!!
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That is great news Thank you for adopting from the shelter
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Hedi, and Heidi,
I wouldn't have it any other way! We have a wonderful no-kill shelter here in town, but as everywhere else they are always overcrowded. If I could I would take a dozen more off their hands and give them a home, but my landlord would go ballistic!!!

Now if I can just get some pictures to post. . . gotta find a dig. camera!!!!!
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Shelter and second chance pets are the only sort I get. Paige is from the local second chance organization here and I have to say, they take good care of cats that never would have gotten a chance. plus, a lot of them are so cute and quirky! I loves quirky little furbabies. I'm so glad to hear that another one got a happy place (and is happy to be there)
YAY you two, congratulations on being a family.
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