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Dropped my class

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Well as some of you might know I have been taking Algebra this term and can not do it. Well, I just talked to my counselor and I was explaining to him the troubles I have having and all that and he suggested I drop my class this term (even if I get perfect scores on the next 2 tests I will only come out with a D in the class). He is going to arrange for me to have private tutoring sessions next term once a week when my new math class starts. He also set me up with a really good teacher. The thing is though, I all ready dropped this class last term also. So next semester will be my third attempt. You have to pay out of state tuition on the third attempt, I just checked online what I owe for the class and it is $662.00 !!! OMG If I wasn't so DUMB when it comes to math I wouldn't have had to spend so much money. So that makes a total $1038.24 (2 classes at regular price and the 3rd at out of state price) Not to mention the amount I spent on 2 books, because neither teacher so far used the same book. UGH! I can't even begin to explain how frustrated I am
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oh my Tanya, that sucks. Do you qualify for Pell Grants?
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I come so close to qualifying for them, but unfortunately do not I do get student loans, I get a check cut for fall and spring terms. I am not paying out of pocket yet, except for my math class this term, but am dreading when I do start making payments. The good thing is I don't have to start any payments until 6 months after I graduate and there isn't any interest accruing, thank goodness for that. I also get an institutional grant for $350 each term from my school, they give that to students with good grades and who get their student aid stuff turned in quickly. I had a 4.0 up until last term, I got a B in Humanities, so I have a 3.7. Thats whats so frustrating, I do really good at school, this math stuff, I don't know what the problem is. I work so hard at it.

Anyway, to make the best of it, I plan to go to Fastweb.com and apply for every grant/scholarship I can find. Now that I have 2 months without classes I have time to put together essays and all that stuff. I also need to study for my nursing entrance exam. I got the practice book and there are alot of word problems (math again!) in there so I need to study. I am taking the test in August.
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Aw, that really sucks. But quit beating yourself up about being "stupid" for not understanding algebra. I love algebra, and I tutored a lot when I was in high school and college. Its not your fault that you don't understand. You need a teacher who can figure out why you are not grasping the concepts, and then who can teach you in terms you understand. Its not that algebra is difficult, its just that people who teach it are using a very literal linear thought path, and they don't understand what you don't understand about it.

You would do great with a tutor, I am sure. Can you go back and ask about getting that credit without paying the out of state tuition? Is there another course that teaches the same thing that you can subsititute?
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I don't think there is much they can do as far as not paying the out of state fee. My counselor is great and he said it was very unfortunate, and wished he could do something to get me out of that, but he couldn't. It's so late in the semester now so I think that's why. The algebra class ends in 3 weeks. The withdraw deadline (when you are able to get a refund) has been long gone.
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If it makes you feel any better, I pay $610/CREDIT at my school. That's right... $1830 per class!

Good luck next semester. (=
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ACK! Ok, you won't hear any more complaining out of me, my lips are sealed.
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Oh no! Complain all you want!!! Any amount of wasted money sucks. (=
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I think my frustration is not only the money part of it, it's just that I feel like I am NEVER gonna get past it. All I need is College Algebra and then Chemistry for my program. And I just can't seem to get it Hopefully the tutor will help, and the next teacher will teach it a little better.

Sorry to sound so negative on this today, I am just frustrated. I am sure tomorrow I will feel better.
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Tanya, don't be soo hard on yourself! I'm serious. I'm slow (okay, a little retarded) when it comes to math, also. When I first went back to college, I started out in prealgebra, because that was the last I could remember from high school! I never got past algebra in high school; dropped geometry and did a basic math course through the rest of my senior year. It is terribly frustrating when something just doesn't click, but one of the postings above is absolutely true (sorry, can't remember who wrote it....was an algebra tutor?)- you just need someone who can teach you in a way you understand. I know, sounds sooo simple, but it's not, and it's costing you not only money, but TIME, and those are both very valuable. I scraped by in my college algebra last quarter with a C, but that will do! Just glad I passed! I'm taking Chemistry over the Summer (I'm going for nursing, as well ). Please, try to not be so harsh on yourself. Math is just one of those things that either click for you, or doesn't. Don't worry, it will click, and when it does, it feels sooo good! Perhaps you could begin the tutoring now, so you feel a little bit more prepared when next semester (or quarter, I don't know what schedule your school is on) rolls around? Take it easey, AND DON'T GIVE UP!! You've made it this far......don't let this hurdle stop you!
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