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Meowing for no reason

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Hi, I thought there was an article on this site to help with behavior modification if a cat is meowing for no identifiable reason. DOes anyone know what i'm refering to? Thanks.
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We just got a new kitten on Monday. She is mewing a lot, but it is because she had been taken away from her mother and siblings. She is crying for her mom. She has really bonded to me, and cries for me when I am ain a different room. She was in the bathroom with me, and was still crying. I then picked her up and put her on the countertop. Then she was happy. She wanted more than just feet for company. I used to have a cat that we got from someone else. The cat used to cry all the time, and we never discovered why he acted like that. He could have been crying for his previous owner. Sometimes, you never find out why they cry.

What is the age of your cat? Your cat may be crying for the same reasons mine cries, or he or she could have a problem that only your vet could discover.
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If you can tell us a little bit more than you have already, it is likely someone can help you. Cat's cry for all different reasons, and the age of your cat has a factor as well. Small kittens away from their mom and littermates for the first time will cry out of lonliness or because they are frightened. Cats cry when they are in pain, when they are anxious, there are just a lot of reasons. If this is a new behavior, the best thing to do would be to take your cat to the vet to determine if it is healthy or not. If it gets a good report, then you have to examine the cat 's life of late and see if you can detect why it cries. If it is part Siamese, they are by nature talkative and criers.
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I'm fairly aware of the many reasons why cats meow, I adopt out cats through my cat rescue organization, and I've worked with hundreds of cats. The cat in question is not mine but of a family who adopted with me and I have gone over the myriad reasons (health included) as to why this cat meows and have come up empty except that it looks like a learned behavior to me. I was trying to save typing time in my original post by simply short cutting to "no identifiable reason". I believe the adopters need to attempt some behavior modification, and I read a good article on this (meowing for no good reason) but lost the link do to a computer crash. I was hoping the article was here....but I think i read it somewhere else....hmmm......
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Well not knowing the background about why you were asking. I was simply covering all bases. No disrespect intended.
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This is from www.perfectpaws.com:

The single most common reason a cat will meow excessively is because she has been trained to do so. Kitty has learned that all she has to do is meow and she gets whatever she wants - food, attention, affection. Often, what starts out as a demand for attention soon becomes a self-reinforcing habit. Now kitty will meow all day just for the fun of it. This situation becomes even worse if the cat is lonely or bored. The first step in breaking this habit is to exercise your cat daily with active play sessions. Don't expect kitty to exercise herself. Many cats will swat at a ping-pong ball or a catnip mouse once or twice then lose interest. You must get involved in the game. Tie a string to the mouse and pull it slowly, temptingly and repeatedly across the floor. Secondly, pay attention to kitty and give her what ever she wants, but ONLY when she is quiet. Ignore her whenever she begins her vocal blackmail. Don't give in. Each time you give in to your cat's verbal demands, you are teaching her to meow even more.
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No worries. Thanks for the replies!
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