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poor little dog

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over the weekend, i went round to my mates....well shes not my friend, just a girl i sort of know

anyway, yhis girl has a dog, and i could ot believe how that poor dog was living!!! it had fleas so bad that as soon as you walked in the house you had 10 stuck to you, sleeping in its on pee, faeces stuck to its fur by his bottom, they were bragging that they found it really funny that they hadnt fed him for about a week, he had no water, he was limping, and he looked so unhappy im sure if that dog could have cried, he would of. Then, to my utter disbeliefe, they started laughing and jokeing about how they are gouing to just dump him next week!! i could not believe my ears, so i just left it and went home..........
Untill i got home that was, and phoned the RSPCA and got that poor little dog taken off them, ive spoke to the rescue center, and they say hes doing great, and will soon be looking for a lovely new family, so fingers crossed please , im just so glad that i went round there that day and was able to help him
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You did a good thing and should be really proud of yourself I don't know if I wouldn't have whipped someone's @ss while I was there about the little dog. Poor little guy must be a lot happier now at least he is getting what he needs, food ,water, and hopefully some love at the shelter until he gets adopted.
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oh thank you sooo much for making sure this dog gets rescued! will the former owners be charged with neglect?
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i think that they are gonna be charged, they wont let the owners get away with it, it was to much, i hope they get a big hefty fine, or even prison(though i dont think that will happen)
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First, I wanna say that I think it was great that you reported the situation and that they took the dog out of that place. If you would not have popped in for a visit I hate to think how much longer that poor dog would have been suffering. Second, What makes people think that they can treat a dog that way and just get away with it, it's just terrible I truly hope they are fined and forbidden from having any more pets. (can that be done?) We have a judge here in Duval County that is very hard on people charged with animal cruelty. He does not allow people to get away with it. I wish there were more judges like him around.
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yes, people will get fined over here for animal cruelty, and they are getting charged.
it made me mad because they actully thought it was funny in the way the dog was treated, i want them to pay.
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Good for you Carrie! And moreover, good for that little dog!!!! He's got a chance at a good life now, thanks to you for caring.
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Standing ovation for you!! Thank you for taking responsibility for that poor dog! I know I would have been hard pressed to even be civil to the people there before I took the dog with me. I think one of the punishments should be community service working in an animal shelter. Either that or being locked in one of their cages without food, water, or loving.
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Good job
I am so glad you went there and could save this poor baby .People sometimes tick me really off
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Way to go! I simply can't understand people like that. You did that dog a great service.
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Poor dog! I so happy you help! Now dog will be happy!
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OMG! Poor doggy. thanks so much for saving him! You're an
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