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Kitten won't stop nursing

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I have an 8-9 week old kitten who left her mother a week or two ago. I have read on the posts about kittens nursing blankets, wool, other cats, their tails, etc. This kitty does none of those things, but what he does do is suck on me, every time I pick him up, constantly. He sucks anywhere he can touch, my arms, my face, my ears, my legs, anything that's not covered. I can't even pet him because he's doing it completely constantly. I don't think he was weaned too young. He's healthy and he seems happy. I've bought him several soft toys but he doesn't pay much attention to them. What should I do?
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I would question his age and perhaps offer him a bottle of KMR. Unless you are absolutely sure he is that age? You can also take a piece of cloth and tie it up in a little bunch, and soak the bunch in a combination of warm water and honey, and give that to him to suckle. But try the bottle, maybe he really isn't as old as you think

Here is a good website you can look at.

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Thank you very much. Yes, he is definately that old and he eats very well, both dry and canned food. I'll try the website you suggested.
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In that case, I would try him on Kitten Glop- you will find the recipe in that website. Just pour it in a saucer for him.
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I had a cat once named Heidi who originally was found very young on the side of the road and needed to be bottle fed for a while. So I'm assuming that she equated people as mom from early on. She lived with my ex-boyfriends brother for a little while so by the time she ended up with me and my ex she was close to a year old. She would come up on my lap bury her nose in the gap between my arm and my side, doing her little pawing dance, just like a baby does with their mommy when they are nursing. She never outgrew that behavior. I thought it was really cute dispite the regularly occurring red dots on my side and figured it wasn't hurting anything. When my ex and I split she went with him. I still miss her.

If the kitten is eating food then that's what's most important. I think hissy's idea with the bottle is the best bet. Mother cats are often a little nasty with their kittens when it's time for the kitten to stop nursing and that's how they learn. But, I don't know how you emulate the behavior of a mother cat without alienating your kitten.
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I have the same thing with our new kitten Bijou. He only suckles me though, not our daughter or my husband (guess he thinks I'm his mom). He suckles on my neck seemingly whenever he is stressed from being left alone all day or just before he settles down for bed at night. My vet said this was not unusual in young kittens and that as long as he wasn't hurting me she didn't see a problem with it. She said he would outgrown it probably. If he needs to do this to feel secure I can handle the "kitty hickies".
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