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My daughter likes marshmallows as a snack so we have a bag of mini ones (like for cocoa) in our pantry. They seem to have fallen down, and a few scattered (they might have had some help) but I just happened to notice one disappearing into Blackie's mouth. I put them up and sealed the bag (Blackie seemed somewhat disappointed) so I think they are safe.

I've never had a cat eat marshmallows before. I don't imagine they are terribly good for him (all that sugar) but are they harmful?
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They arent going to kill him. Yes, theres a ton of sugar and he may have a little loose stool. I dont think one is going to affect him at all.
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I would imagine the only "danger" would be the fluffy bunny thing. If he ate too much and it melted and adhered to his airways.

I had a cat who stole a marshmallow once. A full size one. Lets just say that cleaning him up afterwards was the worst part.

Isn't it funny that many pets have a sweet tooth just like their owners?

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