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my cat died.

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im so sad... theres a pic of him in my siggy. he wasnt even a year old and someone who was speeding ran him over!!!
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Oh, I'm just so sorry for the pain you must feel for your precious Kougra to have been taken from you so suddenly. He knows how much you love him, and now he is watching over you ot the Rainbow Bridge. May God comfort you during this time of grief.
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How awful...how are you taking it? If you need to talk, we have a great group here, we're here for you.

My deepest sympathy,

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Thanks. He died a week ago... i cried *ALOT* for a few days. Im still sortof sad about it. we thought he was going to live and he was at the hospital in critical condition and had wires hooked up to him and everything, and was in one of those cubicle things that babies were born in. It was very heart braking.
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now im cat-less. its so hard to live without cats!
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You have my utmost compassion!! I am so sorry for this tragic loss. Please know that there are tons of loving people here that will listen when you want to talk, offer words of encouragement, and be here for you when you need somebody who truly understands the bonds a cat and their human make. I know it hurts like nothing else you've ever experienced, but hang in there. We are here for you! Your little man will always be with you!
Take care!
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Don't feel bad about the tears...I had to put my little guy down one week ago today, and I have cried every day since! It has tapered down, but I still shed tears over the loss.
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Bossinova - im so sorry for your loss i know how it feels...
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Our deepest sympathies to you. Many to you.

May Kougra RIP.

He knows your love of him and he is watching over you as an angel.

Take care of yourself. We're here to listen if and when you need it.
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Oh no! Poor Kougra. How can they run over. Such a beutiful cat. So sorry.
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Kougra was so beautiful and so young. I am sorry for your heartbreak. Let the tears flow. He will be watching over you from the bridge. He is playing now, try to take comfort from that.
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OMG how sad I am so sorry of your loss to you .

May Kougra RIP
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I am so sorry he died on my b-day
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Kougra will never hurt again at the Bridge. He is watching over you as an angel now. :angel2:
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