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Help! How do I become a breeder? And how do I become licensed in California?

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how do i start my own breeding? like, do you have to register the kittens somewhere, do you make your own contracts for people to sign when they buy your kittens, etc.
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Welcome to TCS. With the holidays it may be a bit before the breeders visit this thread...so keep checking back. I'm glad you are asking questions. As far as what the state of California would require...you may also want to post in the "Ask the ACO" section. Mark Kumpf could probably find out what the state would require for you to become a licensed breeder.

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Okay! Thanks.
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What are the steps in becoming a breeder?
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I have moved your thread from ACO to here. Please understand that this is a bulletin board, not a chat room. Many members have busy lives. Someone will answer you as soon as they can.
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I did have a post like this in the breeders corner, but someone told me to post in the ACO, so I did.
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Hi ilovebengals- I just replied to your email. I hope it helps. I did a quick google search for Bengal breeders in California. Here's a link to a bengal breeders website www.bengal-cat.com , Check it out, the owner might be willing to mentor you. But I would definitly suggest going to a cat show in your area, and asking round. Do lots of research before getting your first breeding cats.

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As Katie Said.. Welcome!

I'm not sure about the requirements for Ca, but I can give you some advice.

Sam had it right, do what she said and you'll get some good info that way.

I would however, caution you about becomming a breeder. It's expensive, and you're not likely to make any money, in fact, if you're in it for that, then you're gonna be out of luck. Besides, that's the wrong reason to do it anyway. I'm not sure what your reasons are but I can say that any other breeder out there more than likely will not help you get started if you come up to them and simply say, "How do I become a breeder, and oh by the way can you sell me a breeding cat?"

I wont eventalk about the heartbreak you can have as a breeder, nor the loss of sleep waiting for a litter, or what it's like to have to run to the vets office in the wee hours of the morning because something "might" be wrong.

You need to have definate ideas about why you want to become a breeder, how you're going to go about it, and a solid plan. Without those (at least), you're going to be pretty hard pressed to even find a mentor.

From my perspective, we are VERY critical of people how want to purchase our cats, I can't tell you the amount of people we have turned down. If we even thought about selling breeder cats, we would be twice as critical, as Im sure most would be.

Make sure you "have your ducks in a row" before approaching a breeder, without it, your not likely to get very far.
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Thanks so much for the advice. this helps.
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You're very welcome!
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Hissy...my apologies...I thought Mark might be able to help with the "laws in California"...ilovebengals..I think going to the cat shows would definately help.

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okay. well got a schedule of cat shows near by me and i will be going to one soon
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I don't know anything about Californian laws (American laws at all) since I live in Sweden but I'll give you some tips that doesnät have anything about laws to do:

- Buy a registred kitten of breeding quality. That's the first step.

- Visit cat shows and talk to other breeders. Show your own cat so you get an idea of the cats exterior quality.

- Find a mentor who have experience in breeding. It's not easy to read and interpret pedigrees and it's certainly not easy to find a good match for ones cat.

- Read everything you can find on cats diseases, breeding and genetics.

- Learn the breed standard.

- IMPORTANT! Don't breed on the cat if she/he doesn't "measure up". If you have any hesitations, don't use her/him for breeding. It can take time to find good breeding stock, and it's important to let it take time. Breeding takes time and means a lot of planning.

It took me 2 years from the day that I decided to start breeding 'til the day I actuarally started to breed.
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