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Ragdoll cattery - getting started?

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I am interested in starting a ragdoll cattery. I own one female ragdoll with breeding rights, and am getting ready to purchase a second ragdoll. I have been cautioned about purchasing a male and have been encouraged just to purchase females in the hopes of getting an established cattery to work with me in providing the male breeders. Do the male cats have a problem with spraying, so that they require a separate room, isolated from the rest of the cats? I understand that ragdoll males get along well together, so I wondered whether this would be a problem? Of course, I would much rather have my own male.

In addition, I have an opportunity to purchase a male kitten from the breeder that I previously purchased my female cat from. However, the male is from the same mother that my female cat was from, although the father is different. Would I be able to breed these two cats, or would they be too closely related?

Another question I have is regarding torties, which I understand are always female. Do tortie females always have tortie babies, or can they have other types (colors and patterns) of females. I understand that red males always have red or cream males, so I was wondering if this was the same with the torties. Also, could you recommend a genetic informational website or book to aid me in my under standing of these issues.

These are such wonderful cats and my desire is to really uphold the breed standards and exceptional qualities they have.
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Hi Dianna- Nice to meet you.

If you purchase a male cat, where will he be living? I've got two stud cats.(Persians) One sprays an awful lot so he has his own room(Kinda like a sleepout) and one doesn't, he lives inside with us. For a stud I would keep him away from the rest of the cats just to be on the safe side and especially in kitten season, as stud cats can be very dangerous around nursing mothers and kittens. In regards to breeding the two, no they aren't too closely related but I definitly recommend(sp?) getting a male and a female who aren't as closely related but also somewhat related so you can tie in the lines. But if you're just one of those breeders that likes a litter or two a year from your breeding pair they would be fine to breed. Tortoishells aren't always Female, I've seen a good 5 or 6 Tortoishell males in the last couple of years. Tortoishells, depending if they are a Black tortie, Blue Tortie, Lilac Tortie or Choc tortie, don't just have Torties kittens but the Black Tortie for example can have red kittens,cream kittens,black kittens and tortie kittens, but also other colors depending on what they're mated to. I hope I haven't confused you and I hope this helps, but for information about the ragdolls I'd definitly be asking the breeder of your kitten. She/he should be willing to help you. Are you going to show your kitten??

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