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Cat Claw Ripped Out!

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I have had cats as pets all my life. This is a first. As I was trimming my cat's nails tonight, I noticed him getting squirming while trimming the claws on his front left side. Then as I got to the last claw, he started to growl. I got a quick peek and it looks as if the claw was ripped out. The area looks red around it.

Has anyone ever had this experience before with one of their cats? I don't want this to get infected. What should I do in the meantime before calling the vet's tomorrow morning?
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This has happened to a cat of mine. The claw eventually grows back and the vet may want to give him a course of antibiotics just in case.
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If it is bleeding, and you have some cornstarch in your home, you can make a paste and put it over the claw to soothe it. If it is just really hot and you have some ichthamol you can put that on it to draw out any heat that might be there. Depending on how bad the rip is, he should see the vet to be put on antibiotics, because his feet go into the litter box and he could get an infection. If he will tolerate it, and you have a child's sock, you can put that on him and wrap paper tape loosely around the leg.
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