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Okay I seem to be having troubal with my website. Pictures being reuploaded to another site. Enjoy them now.
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First the 4 new kittens:

This is Arwen
This is Merry
This is Pippen
This is Samwise
Frosta's frist time outside....
and here she is sleeping afterwards Gotta keep those papers warm
This was how Blaze was sleeping....
and this is how he ended up. If I slept like that I wouldn't be able to move for a week
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Wow! they are all beautiful, I could just love those kittens to pieces, well alot anyway!
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ooooo.. cuties!!!
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Awwww, your babies are just sooo sweet!!
The expression on Samwise's face is adorable!!!
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OMG, I love the LOTR theme you have going, and all of your furbabies are soooooooo beautiful.

I think I'm totally in love with Arwen.
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OMG are they all cute or what!

I could kiss all their little noses
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Gees, every time I see these kitten pics, it makes me want to run out and add to my brood of 3. They are just too adorable! God love them.
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awww, they are adorable! The pics just make you want to pick them up and hold them!
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