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Urge your apt complex to require S/N

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I have been looking for an apt recently because I'm hopeful that I will be getting a job offer from a company sometime this week. While calling around checking on price and availability, one complex surprised and pleased me by saying they require any pets to be spayed/neutered.

If you have ever lived in an apt before, you know that there is almost always a large stray cat population living in and around the apt complex. It happens as a result of irresponsible pet owners and it's completely preventable.

What if every apt complex required this? It's so easy to do. The person wishing to rent just needs to bring in a vet bill or statement showing that this pet has been spayed/neutered. Of course, a lot of people don't tell the complex they have a pet, so these will slip through the cracks, but the majority of pets would not.

The apt complex would not have to worry about unaltered male cats spraying or otherwise marking the inside of the apt or unaltered female dogs spotting on the carpet.

The apt complex would appreciate all the benefits of fewer stray cats running around too. The trash would remain in the trash cans/dumpsters like it's supposed to. The exterior of buildings would not become a scratching post or a target of male cat spraying. Kind residents would not set out food or milk that attracts bugs and rodents, and kind residents would have less opportunity to take a stray animal into their apt and make the interior of the apt vulnerable to pet destruction.

Please write a letter to your apt complex if you live in an apt, and all the apt complexes in your area if you're up to it, urging them to require that all pets be spayed/neutered before living in their apts. This is a great way to make a difference in your community! You can use websites such as http://www.apartmentguide.com/ or http://www.apartmentfinder.com/ or http://www.apartments.com/ to look up apts and their contact info. You can also find printed versions of Apartment Guide or Apartment Finder just inside your local grocery store near the community bulletin board.
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Every single apartment complex I have ever lived at required this.

They usually required declaw, but only enforced that after the fact.

The S/N for cats was for Spraying/Calling issues more than population control, but was enforced.

But then you hit it right on the head. It's the people that don't report their animals that cause a problem, and I would personally guarantee that 99% of the time the population blooms are NOT the people that reported their animals, but the people that didn't.

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When I used to rent apartments the only ones I could find that would accept pets were ones with a weight limit on dogs and a S/N requirement on all pets.
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Hi All,

I haven't been an apartment dweller with cats for a looong time. So thank you all for the updates to my awareness. Around here, we know that apartment complexes seem to always host a colony or multiple colonies; and I know people complain about the difficulty of finding good rentals with more than one or two cats. A couple of our local organizations have made attempts to catalog "pet friendly" housing in the area, but they do not list whether s/n or declawing are in the lease terms. (Uck, I don't want to see any more requirement for declawing, that's pretty stupid IMO). We do urge complex managers to require s/n of pets, and to welcome well-behaved and cared-for pets whenever we can. The HSUS has some good "renting with pets" materials for both landlords and tenants, BTW, I think. How true that most likely it is NOT the law-abidiing residents who are the cause of most of the pet problems!! And in the case of cats, the cats' own habits can make it difficult to do what is right. (Cats as nocturnal creatures, and their rather "private" kinds of personalities, mean they are a very easy kind of pet to own without anyone being aware of it.)

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