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Comfort During Trying Times

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As the horrendous events of this week unfolded, Americans sat glued to their TV screens, many with hands clasped or arms around their loved ones. For those of us who have no one to hug, we still may have received comfort from loved ones. I dedicate the following poem to Jasmine, my wonderful lap kitty. She never gets angry when my tears spill upon her fur...

The Promise In Your Purr

Help heal my hurt, my furry friend
And to this anguish bring an end.
Tears dim my eyes--a misty blur
And through it all, my friend, you purr.

The comfort of that small vibration
Calms me as chaos sweeps my nation.
Though the evil of man will never cease,
Your purr, my friend, helps bring me peace.

So huge the wounds now opened up--
Spilled out, it seems, our loving cup.
Yet you remind me with your purr
That I am loved and healing will occur.

For in so small a comfort sound
Hope renews and love abounds.
I reach out in prayer, in touch, in word,
Strengthened by your healing purr.
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That really is lovely Topaz, and soooo true. A good snuggle with my furbabies always makes me feel that bit better, even though it doesn't make the problems disappear.
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So true, even when the trouble isn't as big as this recent one . . .
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Sharon; Thank you for this beautifully heart-felt poem. It is so true that our pets can be a source of "Quiet Comfort" in times of sorrow. . . . .
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That was a beautiful poem! Our little babes comfort us in these trying times..
Please share more of your poetry. I would love to read it.

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Your words touch me. I hope you share this with many others.
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Sharon that was lovely, very moving,our cats are always there for us,they don,t judge us or hurt our feelings,they are a great comfort in times of stress.

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