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So...What's your plans for the day?

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Me, I'm going to laze around the house and do some grilling a little later on. Nothing special, just thankful that the Bossman let me have the day off. I needed it
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DH and I are going down to my dad's for a small cook-out. Should be fun. My dad's going all out with steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad, dessert - and there's only going to be four of us!
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I'm being lazy today, too. I went to a rib cook-off with some friends yesterday, and the last thing I can think about is eating any more. Thank God its a 4 day week, and next week is vacation!
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Im heading to Hill AFB today to check out some of the planes and stuff. Then Ill probably go and work on my car.

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Just lazing around the house and later.... Friends of mine are taking me out to eat as an early birthday get together.
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My parents are coming over, for barbequed ribs. We're breaking in our big, new grill.
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I was cleaning the cat enclosure and doing some laundry today . My husband has to work , so I guess I just to the stuff I do all the time
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I made barbeque in the crockpot and some salads and my husband is tearing a wall out of our house today, hopefully the roof wont fall! We are making one big room out of our family room and living room. Hope it turns out ok!!
He has been waiting for months to get this started and finally got the chance to do it.
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I'm just relaxing today also. This morning I had my coffee on the patio with Peaches and Jake. We watched the kids play in the pool and Peaches wanted to jump down and join them I think! I've got to get some screen to put around the patio so they can't get out. Hallie didn't join us because she sleeps all day until late in the afternoon.

Later, I'll do some grilling and that's about it. Very quiet here. My daughter (Rachel) apparently isn't speaking to me. I tried to invite her over but she won't return my calls. Oh well.... she'll get over it sooner or later.
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Everyones day sounds so relaxing!

I got up rather early this morning, not by choice but I had 3 or 4 cats "knitting" on me.. not the best start to the morning but that's OK. It's only 7.20AM and it's still really dark outside. This time yesterday morning it was hailing, couldn't get out of the house without the fear of loosing an eye so we waited awhile and then I desperately needed some new school shoes so we went into town and got them and then I went to school, only missed French. Had a PPCF(Pedigree Persian Cat Fanciers) meeting last night but didn't attend cos Mum was cooking roast lamb. Today I've got school as usual, come home then clean my room and laze about the evening.

Hope everyones having a nice day!
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Just relaxing, reading the forum, TCS. I will spend time with Scuffy!!!
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Ahhh it sounds like we all have just about the same idea.......relaxing Ken and I just rode down to Tallahassee FL just to go to the Victoria Secrets there,We don't have one here Was almost a waste of time thou they never have what I need in the size that I need. Oh well thankfully there is always the internet. My kind of shopping sitting here at the computer
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I'll be turning in resume's looking for a job! Not fun!
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My parents just left. We had a great meal. For a scrawny old lady, in a wheelchair, my mom can sure pack away the groceries! The only thing that she turned down, was the German chocolate cake and ice cream, that my dad brought.

After we ate, I brought the dogs in and they loved all over both parents. As usual, Mom tried to take Ike home. Mom's decided that she likes Rowdy and wanted to take her, too. I can just see Rowdy, with Mom's Great Dane. Poor Brewster would never know what hit him! Brewster is afraid of his own shadow.

I sent ribs, corn and potato salad home, with them. They left a 3-gallon bucket of ice cream and 1/2 of the cake, with us. Ooooh - we're all stuffed!

Pop and Bill swapped war stories. They'll only talk about the funny stuff, though. We had the History Channel on and they showed a WWII grunt, carrying a BAR. Pop said that his top sergeant and platoon leader had to wrestle his away from him, at the end of the war. He'd been carrying it, for 2 1/2 years and had gotten attached to it. I expect that that weapon had saved my dad's and a lot of other Marines' lives, during that 2 1/2 years.

All in all, it was a good day. I'm glad that Bill and my parents get along, so well. Sure makes my life easier.
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My roommate and I went to see Troy with my mom and stepfather.

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Well, we went out driving around on the beach, it was packed. My bf has a really nice BIG jeep and its so much fun to take to the beach. We took the ferry to go the beach on the other side of the river. Got something to eat and then we broke down We were stuck in a parking lot for about an hour before we got a tow, then we went to his moms for dinner. Breaking down kind of sucked, but we still had a great time.
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