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Memorial Day Tribute

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You can leave a Memorial Day Message on this site:

A few of those I would like to thank for having served our country are:

My late grandfather ... WWI

The late Robert Murray ... Korea and Viet Nam

The late Louis Shannon ... Viet Nam

My dad ... Korea

Robert Murray Jr. ... Desert Storm

Brooke Henn ... Iraq ... And all others now in Iraq
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What an awesome Idea. Thank you to all our Vetrans

My Dad, Zack Webb Jr. WWII, Who passed last year. We miss you so much, I love you

My Grandfather-Gus Hickman WWI

Dusty Conelly-Vietnam

Charles Lane-Vietnam

And every one who served for our great country in the past and now Thank you.
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This is so touching, Lorie, thank you. I would simply like to thank my Dad for serving in Vietnam and all of the men and women who are risking their own lives to serve our country now.
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I'd like to thank:
My late FIL, Robert Leon Ball, WW2
and my current church pastor, Leon Greathouse, WW2
and everyong else past and present who served our country in this great way !
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I'd like to thank-

My grandfathers, WW2
My uncles, Terry and George, Vietnam
Josh, Desert Storm
My best friend in the world, Jason, currently in Iraq
Justin, died in Afghanistan
The rest of my family members who have their orders
All the men and women (and their families) of the armed forces.
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My dad: WWII, Korea and Vietnam
My late husband, Russ: Korea
My sweetie, Bill: Vietnam (3 tours of duty)
Russ' father: WWI
Bill's dad: WWII

Russ and his father both died, many years after their wars, from injuries incurred during their service. Russ' dad was gassed in 1918 but lived until 1959. Russ was wounded in combat, in 1951 and died in 1988.
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My grandfather on my father's side, WWII, Europe and North Africa (Bronze Star),

My grandfather on my mother's side, WWII, Pacific,

All those who fight for their country, whichever country it is.
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Originally posted by yoviher
All those who fight for their country, whichever country it is
Anyone who is not an American but would like to thank those who served their country is also welcome to post on this thread.
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Edward O'Keefe (Dad's dad)-Died in Germany in 1945
James Titus (Mom's dad)-Served in India in WWII
John O'Leary (Dad's stepdad)-Served in the Pacific in WWII
James Titus (Uncle Jimmy)-Served and wounded in Vietnam
Mallory Wedlock (friend)-Served in Gulf War
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My great-great-great Uncle William Rizer, Union Army surgeon.
My great-uncles Bill and Charlie Rizer, and Walter Hattes, WWI.
My great-uncle Jim Rizer, WWII.
My Dad and Uncle Buck, Korea.
My Uncle Lee, Vietnam, Panama, Desert Storm.
My cousin Eric, plus many friends and neighbors, Vietnam.
My friends' kids, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Thank you all those who have served, and are serving now.
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