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In Memory. . . . .

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I have already sent this to a few of you, but I wanted to post it here. I hope you can all view it. (it may take awhile to load but it is a short animation tribute) Please, everyone fly the Flag of our Great Nation, if at all possible; as a symbol of your strength and pride!


Respectfully, TLK
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Darlene, it is a touching tribute. Thank you for that.
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I can't get it to come up Says can't find server
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Dear BubbasMom; This was created on a webtv unit and I don't know why, but some people's computers will not pick up things that I send them with urls similar to this. If your computer can accept gif. attachments; you should be able to get it. Sometimes our webtv, being a limited server, is overcrowded. Wait awhile and try again, please. I hope this helped. TLK
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tried again but still can't see it Will keep trying though
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Great tribute! I plan on buying two small American flags and putting it in my living room window and car window. Another suggestion is to put your headlights on to show support for the victims and their families.

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Darlene! Thanks for sharing that....I like how they say Never Again.
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