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Kind of funny story

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I was cleaning the litter boxes tonight, which tends to be a big drawn out ordeal at times because I let them soak and then I dry them but allow some air drying too. I must have waited too long for my new girl because she was all in my face while I was trying to clean and even got ready to go before I put new litter in.

So I scooped her out, much to her dismay, and was finally able to get the boxes filled and ready. She no sooner hops in to one and goes #1. I waited so I could scoop it again, since I really like clean boxes and dont like them messy so soon after Ive just cleaned them all out (Im a dork, I know) She kicks that one around a bit and decides she must enjoy the other box as well!Hops in to the second one and takes her time going #2 in there.

She just couldnt be happy with mussing up one box
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That IS too funny!
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Sierra has to immediately try out her freshly cleaned box, too!
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Rowdy will jump into the box and pee, BEFORE I get the fresh litter into it. Barring that, she insists upon being the first to use a freshly changed box. Yesterday, however, Buddy beat her to it. Rowdy sat there and looked mightily p****d.
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Lily loves to use the box within minutes after I've cleaned it. She always ensures that it's particularly stinky, too. ESPECIALLY if we have company coming over and I've made sure the box has been cleaned for them!
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