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I am so happy for you and Dylan! Keep up the amazing job you are doing in taking care of your fur-baby!

hope the lab results are good too!
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I'm so happy to know Dylan is doing so much better! Can't wait to hear the tests results!
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I swear that Dylan heard the vet, and then realized that he was just being mopey...and got his act together...

Because today and last night when we got home, he started acting like he was JUST FINE. I mean really fine.

He slept in the bed again, has been up and about hasn't been hiding behind the couch. And has continued to go over to the new Hills K/D and eat like crazy in little tiny sittings.

The vet put him on a stool softner because he has been terribly constipated for the past 5 days...and has been in and out of the litter box like 15 times a day and would come out not having done anything...

And he just went in and out twice in 10 minutes, and I checked and He pooped! I never thought I'd be so happy about it, but I had to get up from my computer and go congratulate him....He practically rolled his eyes at me when I did too. It was pretty funny. But, he was really uncomfortable, and needed to go because he hadn't in over a week.

So YEAH now he is eating regularly and Pooping again!!!

This is major...I can't even tell you how major. I mean, since this all started, he has been very irregular...and so I am very happy for him.

I took away his Purina one crunchy and stored it in a ziplock baggy in the closet, and also switched his new food to the little food bowl that I bought last week (for his soft food) rather than the large bowl that I usually use for his crunchy food. I think this way I can better monitor how much he is eating...and also will be able to keep the food fresher. (and he seems to get really excited each time I pour new kibble into the bowl and rushes over to eat more)

I have a question for you guys....now that he has gone to the bathroom...should I keep giving him the stool softner for a few days just to help him stay "regular" or just give it to him every once and a while?

I will also ask the vet when she calls to follow up with me. Originally, she said to give it to him for 3 days, but she said this thinking it would take about that long for him to "go".

What do you think?
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Such fabulous news, Susan! I'm so thrill Dylan is acting healthy again! And he even went poop! Hurray, Dylan! I agree you should ask your vet about the stool softener!
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Dylan...glad to hear he "went". Honestly, I'd ask the vet, and ask if they want Dylan on something on a regular/several times a week basis(i.e. laxatone) to be sure he stays regular.

Glad to hear he's munching down the house
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I just went through and read your entire thread, and saw Dylan's story and his picture and I am so touched by your love for your sweet boy I can't even tell you how many times I teared up reading. I am saying a prayer for you and Dylan that his health will continue to improve. I am so happy to hear Dylan is eating and even pooped

WAY TO GO DYLAN !!! You keep up the fight against this awful illness!!!
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oh my what wonderful news! I am so happy to hear this! I am so relieved for you and Dylan, and wish you both the continued success! congrats! GO DYLAN GO!
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So, yesterday and today...dylan seems to be really interested in the Hills prescription crunchy food--and no baby food or canned food.

He is eating pretty regularly (morning, evening and middle of the night snack)

Each time he eats, he leaves a huge crunched up mess around the bowl, so I know he has been there and has eaten(he has ALWAYS been a messy dry food eater) And each time he eats, I clean up the "food art" (a la Sasha! )
so that each time he eats I know if he ate a little or a lot.

Last night, he had a BIG midnight snack, so this morning has not yet eaten.

I am still giving him the stool softner but, only once a day since he does continue to go in the litter box a little more than usual--and the poopies could be a bit more soft.

Dylan is REALLY enjoying sleeping in my boyfriend's laundry basket...I think because it is hidden in the closet and is a quiet and warm, etc. etc.

Do any of you have cat beds?

Dylan has a scratching post and millions of toys but no kitty bed...but I am thinking maybe he needs one to hide in MY closet.
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Dori has a kitty bed. She occasionally sleeps in it during the day. If you get one I would suggest laying something of your over it. Like a tshirt wear it, and don't wash it just lay it over the kitty bed. I actually used my bathrobe that Dori liked to lay on. She refused the kitty bed at first, but once I put my bathrobe on it she slept in it all the time. After a couple weeks, I took the bathrobe out and she still sleeps in the bed

Good luck with it, and again I am glad to hear Dylan is doing so well.

Opps, I almost forgot another thing about the bed. If you try to encourage him to sleep in it, like putting him in it etc. he may not use it. But if you put it there like it isn't a big deal, he will probably be more likely to check it out
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Dylan just walked over to the soft food on the plate...and don't know if he ate too fast...I picked up the plate right away.

But he just threw up three times and it was yellow.
Maybe it is from the stool softner, today is only the third time he took it, and I only gave it to him about an hour ago.

He didn't throw up that much, but still, he hasn't thrown up in a LONG time--months--and now he is walking around looking very unhappy.

ok, he is lying down now. whew. poor little guy.
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Poor Dylan, I hope his little tummy settles soon. It may be nothing, he could have eaten fast, but since your new vet has been so wonderful, maybe you could just call them and run it by them. Just in case it could be the softener he is on? Just to be on the safe side
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Any MUST HAVE cat books that you guys can suggest? I am shopping around on Amazon right now...going through every thing from books on dealing with emotional stress of taking care of sick pet, to holistic cat care books, to just general cat books....

Any good books out there you can suggest for me?
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The roller coaster ride begins again.

I got the phone call today from the vet and the blood chem results were back.

The vet said that dylan's levels were elevated "slightly" but she wasn't that concerned because his clinical exam showed such signs of improvement.

She is thinking at the next follow up that we will do another ultra sound.

This seems like such an expensive viscous cycle...and although she is the vet out of the four at the hospital who has treated the most HL cats, I am not sure that I don't want to follow Hissy's advice and research local experts and see what else can be done...because the clock is ticking.

And he may look better and act better...but aren't the numbers what count?


Tonight my boyfriend has insisted that I leave the house since I have spent my week off "in" with Dylan, only leavin to take him to the vet and to go to the grocery store. (there are plenty of things to do at home right?)

But he bought "surprise" tickets to a jazz concert in NYC for 7:30 tonight and said it would be good for my mental health...and at this point, he is probablyl right.

I spent $50 on 6 cat books today from amazon (bought all used so I could buy more books) they should be here in a few days)

I got everything from holistic cat care, to dealing with jealousy with a partner and a pet, to dealing with grief of dying pet....to a book of poetry written about a beloved cat. (yes I was kitty obsessed as usual today)

I don't even remember all the books i bought. If any are great, I will certainly let you all know.

I am off for my last work day tomorrow...so will prob. check this when I get home tonight.

could use encouragement....am stressed to the max.

Am drinking a nice cold beer instead of getting ready for this jazz concert.

And I love jazz, especially live.

But, I hate to leave dylan at all lately.

I plugged feliway back in, since he has AGAIn, suddenly decided, new yummy food is not so interesting. He had midnite/ almost me waking up snack and hasn't shown much interest in anything since.

There might be a feeding tube in his future afterall.
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firstly Dylan is was showing really good signs of getting better, so don't get discouraged!

If ssomething upset his stomach, he may not want to eat, this is expected in many cats... once his tummy is ok he should eat again..

I am not vet, just telling you from my expirience, when a cat is sick, and you got him eating the prescription dry food, I would try not to change foods to often, wouldn't even give dry and then soft, it can upset their tummies...try to just give him the prescription food...

but again, just a suggestion, cause I don't know much about LP in cats, and changing foods often is to help his condition, jsut forget what I said!

Oh, and I so understand how you have been feeling about Dylan, and I am just as cat obsessed as you are!!!
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Oh, Susan, I'm sorry you're feeling so discouraged tonight. Please think about how much progress Dylan has made just this week! He's eating so much better than before. Maybe the numbers just don't reflect his improvement just yet. You are doing absolutely everything to give him the very best care possible! He loves you so much!
What books did you order today? Please remember to take care of yourself also, Susan! I'm so happy you're finally doing something for yourself tonight. Please let us know how the jazz concert was and how your sweet Dylan is feeling tonight!
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Originally Posted by sbbeatnik
Do any of you have cat beds?

Dylan has a scratching post and millions of toys but no kitty bed...but I am thinking maybe he needs one to hide in MY closet.
Sierra just loves her special new bed and it has become her favorite daytime sleeping spot! In your search for the perfect bed for Dylan, may I recommend this thread!
Tanya is so right! The best way to get him to like it is to place it in there and ignore it as if it is no big deal!
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Tried posting this before...but site went down for a little while.

Last night was good distraction for me, both sets of Jazz were hour each...so was home by 11pm.

Dylan made me very happy by eating while I was out...and left a great big food art mess crunched up on the floor all around his bowl. I kissed him, and scooped him up and told him how proud of him I was.

I thought about what the vet said...and not only are you all right, but so is she.

She said that Dylan's levels were only "slightly" elevated...and since his clinical evaluation was so good(i.e. he has more meat on his bones now, his fur has more sheen, dandruff is gone, eyes are clear, gums are pink and his belly doesn't feel swollen), especially compared to his last evaluation 12 days ago(his fur was dull, and he had very bad dandruff because it had gotten so dry, his eyes were wattery, and he was really bony) So, she said he is physically improving, and that his levels were probably elevated because he didn't eat as much over the weekend (from thurs-tues last week).

But she also said that she has seen this happen in many of the HL cats she has treated, and they did go on to recover...and from the looks of how he is doing, he is getting better.

She wants to see him again in a few weeks and retest once he has been on this prescription diet for a bit...

If the numbers are still elevated, she wants to do another ultrasound and then we would discuss possibility of feeding tube. But she stressed that she didn't feel it would get to that point.

(It is hard not to keep that thought in your head though, when someone tells you this...and also knowing the seriousness of this illness.)

At any rate, I am being a very sensitive emotioned mother of a furbaby...and every little bit of news other than great news makes me nervous.

All of these books I ordered will help me deal with this more I think. I'll let you know if they are any good.
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From everything you've posted lately about Dylan, I think you should be extremely optimistic. It really seems he's doing great.

Try not to worry so much. Your vet sounds great, Dylan's getting the best of care, and look how much he's improved since this all started. I know it's hard, but try to get out more. Everything will be fine.
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today is the last day of my "vacation" then I am back to work and the real world on Monday...which I am sure will be very healthy for me. Socialization is always good when trying to be a normal person in the face of illness.

I have managed to drive myself only slightly crazy this week off, because I opted to stay in, because it has been so hot and muggy outside all week long.

Tonight however, I am going out to dinner with friends...so...step in the right direction

Dylan has really enjoyed having me home this week though. He hasn't had to share me with my boyfriend as much.
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Susan-Getting back into the full swing of things is always tough. Poor thing, you need another vacation to recover from the last week
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Sierra just loves her special new bed and it has become her favorite daytime sleeping spot! In your search for the perfect bed for Dylan, may I recommend this thread!
Tanya is so right! The best way to get him to like it is to place it in there and ignore it as if it is no big deal!


I just spent about 20 minutes on the website where you got your cat bed. I want to get the Milo bed for Dylan. It is the turquoise on with little kitties all over it.

Here is a question for everyone...my b/f isn't too keen on all of the extra kitty "accessories" I have been buying lately....but, they make Dylan happy, and therefore, make me happy and I only keep one toy out at a time and store the rest in dylan's toy box the rest of the time-- So...if I want to get a kitty bed...which he would consider an "eyesore" since I already have a tree of a cat post...with place to sit, and dangling toys to play with...etc. and a kitty litter box that I call "Epcot Center" because it looks a little like Disney's epcot center...other than that though, I don't have stuff lying around for dylan....HERE"S the question...should I just get it and to H*ll with what he thinks? (this is what I think I should do!) What do you all think? I mean it wouldn't be like I was bringing home another cat! (not anytime soon anyways )

I pretty much do whatever I want when it comes to Dylan, but since my boyfriend and I moved in together almost 5 months ago I had to get a storage unit for a large chunk of my stuff...and he is still "adjusting" to having my things with his.

I did invest in a book about helping with JEALOUSY between your significant other and your pet. Because I certainly think that now that dylan is sick and getting so much more attention he is starting to have jealous tendencies towards dylan instead of the loving feelings that he developed for dylan in the beginning.

Dylan needs all of the positive reinforcement he can get...so, if any of you have experience with signicant other being jealous of your kitty...please share your experiences and how you got over it. (the book is a good starting point I think.)

Ok, I rambled a lot...and out comes dylan to say hello from his sleeping spot.

I must go love my baby!
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I am afraid I have no advice, since dh was always into cats, one reason he became my dh
I think the cat bed is a great idea...the more "just for kitty" spots you have, the less often Dylan will be on furniture - in case that bothers your bf.

A cat bed can also be a convenient area where you store his toys next to or if a favorite soft catnip toy, right in the bed

I was sorry to read that the blood work wasn't totally clear, but glad to hear your vet feels things are going well, and that you can see the difference as well.

wishing Dylan all the best,
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I say, make a deal with you SO.... tell him you are going to buy this bed for Dylan and then will take it easy on the extras for a little while. Explain to him how you think that sweet little Dylan needs a place of his own to be able to lay in and be comfy. Add in a little sad puppy dog eyes and a cute little face and make sure you are hold Dylan while you are explaining this and he will be sure to agree. I know exactly how you feel because I go through the same thing with my bf. The thing to do is, have so much stuff for Dylan that he can't notice when you do buy something new

Good luck, let us know how the bed goes over!
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It is just an adjustment phase since b/f hasn't ever had a pet of his own before offically becoming dylan's daddy.

Mind you, dylan ADORES him...and I have plenty of photos of them snuggled up sleeping to prove that in actuallity my guy loves dylan too...

I think he is really just tired of my main topic of conversation for last month and a half being cat, cat cat and more cat.

He will adjust...and I will find a comfortable medium.

As I mentioned on someone else's thread...it took 3 years for us to move in together...BECAUSE I wouldn't until he was fully willing to welcome dylan--because we are a package deal.

So when he finally asked me to get a place with him, I knew he thought it through.

He is just learning first how to be a parent to a kitty, and second how to accept the unconditional love of a furbaby (and all that that includes, in this case illness and recovery...and my stress getting through it!)

I think my b/f is more of a wrestle with a big dog kind of guy--but is still adjusting to his secret like of cats, and hasn't yet learned to proudly tell his friends that he really likes kitty's too. (in time, he will be won over the same way my father was...I remember once when my dad said to me a LOOOONG time ago, "no cats, ever!" Now my dad has two of his own. because of my influence!!)
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Originally Posted by squirtle
The thing to do is, have so much stuff for Dylan that he can't notice when you do buy something new
Ooh I like this approach!
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Originally Posted by squirtle
I say, make a deal with you SO.... tell him you are going to buy this bed for Dylan and then will take it easy on the extras for a little while. Explain to him how you think that sweet little Dylan needs a place of his own to be able to lay in and be comfy.
Good luck, let us know how the bed goes over!
I will say this, my b/f was intrigued by the idea of a cat tent...because HE is an avid camper...and actually thought when I said it that it meant that we could take Dylan CAMPING with us (I wish)

So, I think I will get it, and make him feel important by having him "pitch" the tent for dylan!
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Ooh I like this approach!


You can never have enough stuff for the one you love!
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Nope you sure can't

I think it's a good idea, the tent approach
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Stool softener is certainly to blame for Dylan getting sick yesterday...

I just gave him his reduced one a day dose...and not 2 minutes later he threw up.

Poor little guy. I will have to call the vets office tomorrow and see what they say.

I obviously won't give this to him anymore...the last thing he needs is to get dehydrated from unecessarily throwing up.

He just has such a sensitive little tummy right now.
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Aaaww, poor little tummy. Feel better soon, sweet Dylan!
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