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The cake is ready!!!!!

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Ok, this year´s cake masterpiece is ready!
And it took A LOT of time!
Tomorrow is the birthday, and I was gonna have everything ready tonight, but this cake has taken far too long, I´m not even saying how many hours... :anaon:
I will post more pics tomorrow of the whole Bob the Builder table.
Oh, I just assume everyone knows what I am talking about! My son will turn 2 tomorrow, and I went overboard in the Bob the Builder theme, shopped on the internet for Bob things, far beyond my budget, but hey, I want to make his day as fun as I can...

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Hmmmm.....I dont know why the pic doesnt show. I have never used this host before, maybe I am doing something wrong. It says it could take a few minutes to upload, but I think those minutes have passed...
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Hope this helps!
Edit...didn't work!

Sess, if you email it to me I'll post it for ya! Can't wait to see it!
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Men, I so really wanted to show you the cake. Its close to 3 AM here, so there´s noboby I can show it to now, and also, you (at least some of you) knew of this Bob fever I am having for this birthday
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Thanks Shell, the e-mail is on the way
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Here ya go! The cake looks awesome! Way too good to eat!
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Great 5 year old nephew would just go crazy over it!!!
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What a great job!!!! Yummy save me a piece will ya?
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Thanx Shell!
I am very pleased with the outcome, but the hours that went into this project.....oh my...
My sister asked me last year if I would make a cake for her when she would have kids birthday. Then I say maybe, if you bring all the colours fully mixed. Bob was so much more work than last years Pooh, and today she asked me again, since she now has a child, and the answer was NO WAY, this is something I will only do as many time per year, as the number of kids I have
And by the way...I hope the guests wont eat the cake
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Originally Posted by hissy
What a great job!!!! Yummy save me a piece will ya?
Sure MA, I´ll send you a cakefax! Those dont even have any calories!
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I wish I can make a cake like that!!!

I wish I am there at the birthday party, I want to eat the cake!!!
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Sesselja! Lovely to see you here. Once again your cake looks lovely(btw I can see the cake in your first post), I'm sure Oliver will have a fantastic birthday! Give him birthday kisses and cuddles from me. You must let us know how his party went.

Take care.
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That's too beautiful to eat! You should do that professionally !
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
That's too beautiful to eat! You should do that professionally !
Dawn's right. Since you're investing so much money, in buying these cake pans, you might as well make it back. You obviously have a knack, for this and I'm sure that you're not the only doting Mommy, in Iceland. As you do more of them, your completion time will get shorter.

At least, think about it. All that you need to do is find out what types of cakes are popular, acquire the pans and make some flyers. Post these flyers, in places that mothers of young children frequent. Word-of-mouth advertising will help, too. All of the other mothers will be competing to see who can throw the best party. Professional party planners and caterers make a good living, in the US. It sounds as if Iceland could use at least one. Why shouldn't that be YOU?
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Sess the cake looks fantastic!!!

I love Cindy's idea that you try and sell homemade party cakes for kid's parties and such. If you're home and have even just a little extra time it might be fun and could grow into a home business if you wanted it to!

Hope the party is wonderful!
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OMG it's adorable! My nephew would be so jealous.
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Holy COW! You have such a talent girl. I can't make a cake look good to save my life. I kinda gave up and just slap a bunch of icing on and say "here ya go!"

LOL!!! That is too precious though, no way I'd be able to actually eat it. It's way too nice!
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Sesselja, I'm torn, I don't know whether to drool over the thought of eating it or frame it! Great job!
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oh wow that is a great cake
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Thanx for all the compliments!
The party was very nice, I also had Bob hats, but my son didnt want to wear it, and hated that I wore one
The bad news is that the guests acutally ATE the cake! I must admit, I found that rather sad, after all the work I put into it. I thought of having a second cake with just regular icing on, that could be eaten, this one had turned to rather a decoration than a cake

I like Cindy´s idea of making those cakes for money! Even though this one took me ages to do, the next one would take so much less time. What do you think a decorated cake would cost in the US? (I could multify the prize for a prize here) Maybe I could start by telling people I know I would be willing to do this and see if they take it well.
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Oh very cute cake! Makes me hungry too! I'm dying for sugar! Good job!
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