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What religion teaches

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Hi everyone

Thousands of innocent people have been murdered, and hopefully, are now in heaven. My religion has taught me that we should ask God's forgiveness for those who do wrong. But how could anyone who thinks about God at all, even for a second, do what these terrorists have done??
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Their religion probably teaches them that they are going to paradise for killing us infidels. Of course, this is only a very zealous faction of their religion.
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ButterCup429; You are so very correct. These "faceless cowards" are a very abstract faction of the Muslim religion. They are demented Zealots! I have friends who are practicing Muslims, including that great humanitarian and World Heavy-Weight Champion, Mohammad Ali, who have publicly DENOUNCED these "so-called" Muslims. The ones who did this atrocity are not "God Fearing or God Chosen" they are GODLESS DEVILS I do pray to be able to forgive them (sort of) I pray that God will forgive me the Terrible Punishments I wish on them. . . . May the fires of H___ be burning triple hot on the day their souls depart this earth!
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I think it is God's job to forgive...I don't think God would be upset if we couldn't forgive these people.
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I'm not quite sure it's HIS job, I didn't know HE had one. But, I do know that God is all Forgiving through the sacrifice of HIS SON Jesus Christ. That was HIS promise to us. I hope you don't feel that I'm being condensending...I'm basically reitteritting what we already know, and the "job" term tickled me actually. So, Lotsocats with all due respect...I am not judging you for what you said

I can remember attending "Catch the Fire" held in Toronto each year. It's a extremely large revival and people from all over the world attend. We had Muslims, Hassidic Jews, Buddhists, Christians, etc...etc..just a conglomeration of beliefs gathered into one auditorium praising God. Bands played, prayer was non-stop...there was an never ending feeling of goosebumps and smiles that embellished me and the people around me. There were also tears, the guilt, the shame, people understanding one another, no judgement, just a feeling of cleansing. Never before have I felt this way.

I'll never forget that as long as I live. I was Saved a couple of days prior and was totally overwhelmed. It would be an incredible sight to see that again. Ya know, I feel eternally grateful that I had that experience.

Love & Peace,

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These people have grown up in a doctrine that throws love out the window and instead teaches that dying in a sacrificial way is one true way to gain access to Nirvana. They are not true Muslims or believers, they are a small faction of a religion that they split off from and followed a demented leader. Look at what Jim Jones did to hundreds of people who followed him.

God has forgiven these hijackers because of who He is. We are human and we have to work at forgiveness and sometimes, it just doesn't come very easily.
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Catarina....I actually was saying what you said but in a very uneloquent way....as you said "God is all Forgiving through the sacrifice of HIS SON Jesus Christ" So, in my thinking forgiveness is what God does...or in my silly wording, forgiveness is God's job. Sorry if my lousy wording was offensive to anyone.

I still think God will understand any of us who have difficulty forgiving these people.
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Dear Lotsocats :angel2:

I was being lighthearted with you about the "job" thing...I know you know that God is Forgiving. If your wording was offensive...I sure didn't know about it

I agree with you that God would understand our difficulty regarding our ability to forgive....
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Thanks Catarina
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