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Noddy Noddy- see how she grows!

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This keeps up I am going to need a new cat post!
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Noddy has grown to be such a beautiful girl! (and they know they'll end up getting new furniture anyway! )
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Oh, she IS growing up! Lovely little girl!
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Do you have a "before" picture?

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Spotz, here are the Trips after they first came here, after a vet visit and a much needed bath!

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Oh, Hissy! They're too adorable in that pic! I can't stand it!Cute overload!
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Here they are at 6 months old

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they are too cute! They've grown into beautiful elegant cats.
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I know they have, but dang they were adorable kittens!
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How adorable!!!
I LOVE the name Noddy!!!! I think it's very suitable for one of my cats....(rocky)
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I've never seen the trips before. They are cuties. Noddy is a sweetie.
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He is beatiful MA! I have noticecd you have mentioned the trips a few times since I have been around, are they kittens who were rescued?
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Boy the Trips have grown a lot Love Winkin,Blinkin and Nod(Noddy)
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Awww...... How our Trips have grown!! Especially Miss Noddy!!
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All three are very cute!
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The Trip's story: This was posted about 8 months ago on the forum

Went grocery shopping today, and as I came out of the store, I noticed a group of kids around a big decorated trunk. I went over to see what the fuss was all about, and inside the trunk were the cutest baby kittens! I leaned down to look at them they were clearly sick- eyes crusty, nose running,ears gunky. I started giving my lecture of "you really should get the mom spayed- I have some certificates in my car" speil. An older kid said, "the mom cat is dying, her nipples are falling off! GRRRR!

So now, I have 3 babies upstairs- they ate like there was no tomorrow, and they have been de-wormed and medicated. They are pure white, except for splashes of color on their heads. One has a splash of black, the others have peach, black and beige. They are feral babies as well, hiss, spit and claws, but they are now in a safe place. I believe there are two females and a male, but they are still to young to tell. I put them at just under a month old.

Mike was waiting at the truck for me when I got out of the store, and I had to go over to him first and ask him "Honey, do you have your rescue hat on right now?"

I told the family when I took the kittens that they needed to take the mom to the vet and have her looked at, and if she was dying they needed to put her to sleep. They just looked at me like I was nuts.....and you know what? I probably am.
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Thank you for sharing the story with us , I was always wondering how you got the trips and now I know . All three are just to pretty and so cute
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Oh my! Noddy is all grown up! Is she still full of p&%% and Vinegar?
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Thanks for telling the story again, it was before my time I love their names!
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Noddy is so beautiful. She's your alpha, isn't she? I must admit, I have a weakness for white cats, or cats with white paws (Shhhh, don't tell my two). I remember when the three of them would curl up together on that one platform. Do they still spend all their time together? They had such a close bond when they were wee babies.....
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WOW! I was gone so long, and they have gotten SO BIG since I left. Sigh, I missed all the good pictures.

MA, Noddy is so BIG, and I agree. They were the most adorable kittens I think I've ever seen. Although, they're still beautiful as official "adult" cats.

Thanks for sharing this picture. It's been so long since I've got to see any of the Trips.
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Actually Blink is alpha! Much to our surprise, and yes, they still hang together all the time.
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Hissy, the trips are beautiful! Those are great pictures!

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Thats the first time i've heard the trips tale, a sad beginning but a happy ending
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