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Weekend Pic's

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Here's some pictures that I took while I was back home visiting the folks. Of course the folks were camera shy, but the furkids weren't!

Here's pic's of Bud

Mandy the Mutt....

Pictures of Tiki & Echo while we were taking cover for the possible Tornado....

I love this picture...It's like Echo is saying "Would you GET OFF OF ME?".

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Awwww Bud and Mandy are still looking good. Was there any problems reintroducing Tiki and Echo with them?
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Echo threw a cuniption fit when she seen the dog & Bud. I was hoping that she'd remember Bud & they'd get along like they did before. No such luck though. Tiki was her normal self...not shy one bit! She was teasing Mandy & was trying to love up to Bud but he didn't like her much. He always tolerated her before, but he couldn't bring himself to do that this weekend.

Echo stayed upstairs the whole time & Tiki ran all over the house. Overall it was good, but I probably won't bring them back home unless I have to. Most likely I'll bring them back when I go on vacation, but it's just too stressful for them to go through just for a couple of days.
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I love those pics of the kitties in the carrier. Hope there weren't any tornados. Patches would go crazy in a carrier in a storm...she prefers to be in Daddy's lap!
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We had tornadoes touch down 15 miles away, but luckily not any closer. The sirens went off for 2 solid hours & just when we thought we were in the clear, they started up again. The girls were getting restless in their carriers, so I shoved them both in the big one so they could be together. It helped even though Echo was getting tired of Tiki sitting on her!
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Great pics, I love the pet carrier ones too!!!

I'm glad to hear the tornados missed you.
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Shell, what fantastic pics!!! Awww I miss Bud!

Hope you had a good time back at "home"

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Great pics, Shell! Hope you were able to relax and enjoy your time at home despite the stress of the storms and Tiki and Echo not being quite happy!
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Tiki is really giving Echo the squeeze there, huh? I think she doesn't care for sharing that tiny space
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Great pics Shell!

Bud!!! It's nice to see you again - big guy!
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