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My kitten is still drinking milk.....

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My kitten is around 6 weeks old and its still drinking milk from its mom. Is this normal or is there a way to stop it? I tried feeding it some water but its scared of it for some reason and it wont drink it.
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Hi and firstly, welcome to TCS. It is completely normal for the kitten to be still nursing from his mom at 6 weeks. He will most likely begin to be interested in her food and will start eating it so if you haven't already, you can put a small bowl or saucer of canned kitten food down for him. As the mom-cat is still nursing, it's OK if she eats it too. Also put a small bowl or jar-lid full of fresh water next to the food. He will learn from his mom about eating food and lapping the water, though he will most likely still nurse from her for another couple of weeks. When the mom-cat has had enough, she wil stop him nursing as part of his weaning process.
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Ok, thanks. But everytime I put some food for the kitten to eat the mom always eats it first instead of her normal food. Is there any way to stop this?
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Also, I read in a website that kittens normally stop feeding by about 4 weeks of age and the mom cats usually don't let them after. Can they get spoiled for that and not want to eat any normal food?
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cutekitten...I think it is normal for a kitten to continue to nurse beyond 4 cannot rush the process. Please have the momma cat spayed once her kitten is weaned.

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Four weeks is a bit young for kittens not to still depend on mom's milk. Usually it is 6 weeks when they discover soft food, and mom cat will help in this department by pushing the kittens away, even growling or hissing if they become to dependent on her milk.

I hope you will spay the momcat soon. She can get pregnant again and you do say your cats are outside cats. If cost is a concern there are several excellent programs available that you can contact that will work with you. One of the best ones in the United States is this one:
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I read that 4 wks is the average time for them to stop feeding on their mom. It is normal for the cat to start fighting(like scratching & biting) the cat right?
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Try this website
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I am thinking that perhaps what you read is wrong. It is completely normal (and essential) that a four week old kitten is nursing from the mom-cat. They may show the very beginnings of interest in food but will still be getting most of their nutrients from the mom-cat. It is also normal that your six week old kitten is still nursing. If the mom-cat eats all the kitten food, please put enough for both her and the kitten in a bowl. It is fine that she eats the kitten food because she is using a lot of energy producing milk for the kitten.
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Thank you Tania!
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You're most welcome MA!
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The kitten has been trying to eat mom food. When the mom is eating and then leaves, the kitten comes and tries to eat the mom's food but always spits it back out and the kitten food is right next to it.
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The kitten is to young to leave mom's milk right now, in about two weeks he will be eating soft food with gusto. You can buy some KMR and put that in his dry food to soften it up- make sure you are feeding kitty kibble that has been moistened, either with kitten replacement milk or warm water.
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What is KMR? I've never heard of that. I soak the kitten food in water but it still doesnt drink it.
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KMR is Kitten Milk Replacer. The kitten may do better eating canned kitten food until he gets the hang of eating from a bowl. If he's eating the mom-cat's food, you can put her food on a small table or box so it is out of reach of the kitten but mom-cat can still find it.
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Where can I find KMR? I did buy canned kitten food but it goes for the hard food instead.
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KMR is available at most vets and pet stores. You can also make up your own for the kitten to lap. Click here and half-way down the page, you will find a recipe for Kitten Glop which is a home-made version of KMR.
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Thanks alot!
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You're welcome. Good luck with the mom-cat and the kitten.
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can we post websites in here cuz i found one where you click every day and it will give .6 bowls of food for the shelters. That can really help and I would like it if everyone here would go there once a day and help the animals in need.
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We have that one online here already. I will find it and click it to the top in the cat lounge
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Oh really? That's good!
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