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Can I borrow your ears?? Need some to talk to.

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Have just come back from the British nationals for the flying that I do. Its been a year to the day since I last had my step father on the field before he died. It was tough at times menatally - but then again, it was great as well as I met old and new friends from the USA and Oz as well as the UK. However, it was not all great.
I was flying well and timing others - generally the standard of flying was exceptional as well as the atmosphere. Then we had an almight crack of thunder and the rain came in. We all ran for the cars and spent ages in them. later we went back out and it got very nice and warm.
I stood with my friends watching as straight above the clouds boiled and the grey clouds were completing vortexes as the storm sucked up thermals. If a model had gone into it, the model would have been destroyed.
As the weather worsened, we watched and then the lightning started and we stayed out for the first three as it was getting very close. I hate lightning.
Then the rain started, it started falling straight, then became horizontal and in the next crack of lightning which was all fork.
I sat in my car with wipers going and watching. I sent Carol messages as I was concerned as to the strength of the storm. Then the lightning was geting way to close and we were all getting worried. As I watched through the wipers I could see someone on the horizon walking, carrying model under arm and pushing bike with rucksack on with transmitter in.
Then there was a flash of light - fork - from the direction of where the person was walking in the middle of the airfield and he vanished. I thought he must have dropped out of sight and put his bike down as his car was up there.
Immediately after that, there was the biggest shockwave I have ever experienced of anything I know of that hit the car. The car shook as two shockwaves hit the car and for a moment I thought my car had been hit by another car at high speed. Had i had the seat belt on it would have locked on me - I did not as I was parked and was on a field resting after flying and sheltering.
The rain stopped, the wind quit and we started getting out to talk.
I wandered over to the contest director to chin wag, when there was a lot of commotion and cars racing off.
It was confirmed two hours later that the lightning bolt that had dropped out of the sky, had dropped on a fellow flier and killed him instantly. His body was unrecogniseable, his rucksack is burnt beyond recognition and we lost a great modeller, a great friend and I am unsure how to cope with seeing someone get killed in this way.
we were not allowed off the field until the RAF police and Licolnshire police had investigated the details. Having come off I have come home instead of staying in the hotel, I wanted to be near Carol and Christopher. Why is this always happening to me????
Think of his familly and spare them a thought - he was on the British Team this year as well.
Kev - kinda numb and unsure how to cope with this mental confusion
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I am so very sorry to hear about this.

I know incidents like that can be very hard to handle. Never be hard on yourslf for any reason - and try to understand what is meant to be will happen.

I will definantly pray for him, his family and friends - and all those that were involved, including you on this sad day.
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Oh my God ! Kev, you know where to find me if you want to talk in realtime on MSN, in the meantime I'll be praying for your friends family! And I'll also be doing something that you should be doing, thanking God that you and Carol were not physically hurt ! Had you been outside the car, it just as easily could have been you!
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Kev what a terrible thing for you to experience. I don't know how you are supposed to cope, I just know that you will. We are given extra strength at times that are too hard to bear. The fact that your mind is in confusion is one way of your body helping you to cope with that. You are in shock Kev and who wouldn't be. It is a terrible thing that you have had to witness and you are going to have to be very patient with yourself Kev, you need time to come to terms with this. Will be praying for you and your friend's family and friends.
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Kev, I know you have experienced other personal losses recently, and now this has happened too. It's very hard to know what to say at times like this, but remember that God does not give us burdens that are too great for us to bare, so I know you will find the strength to get through this. Your friend is now in a much better place where he will always know happiness and nothing will ever harm him again. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Carol & Christopher, and especially with your friend's family.
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Oh, Kev, what an awful experience for you. I can only imagine the burden you must bare having seen you friend die in this manner. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I can only reitterate the words spoken by our fellow members. God never gives us a heavier burden than we are able to handle and He will give you strength to get through this with His help and that of your family. Don't hesitate to express your feelings. He are always here for you. Stephanie
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I'm so sorry for the person's family.. it happened all too sudden.. pls find anyone to talk to if there's a need. Like what cindy said, you know where to find me when you need a listening ear.. and besides, you have my cellphone no...
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