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St. Bernard puppy needs good vibes/prayers

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My sister's 10-month-old St. Bernard, Nemo, was hit by a car Friday. He's in really bad shape - his leg was almost ripped off, and he had massive blood loss. The vets gave him a 5% chance of surviving surgery. He got through a 6-hour operation, where his back leg was amputated and he had numerous blood transfusions, but he's not out of the woods yet. The vets say the biggest danger is infection, and they're not at all optimistic (one of them, bless his heart, is staying overnight at the clinic to keep tabs on Nemo's condition). So if you've got a thought to spare for a huge, slobbering, totally lovable "hulk", please hope/pray that his young life is spared. One of the kids left the gate unproperly latched, and this is the horrible result.
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Poor baby! He will be in my thougts.
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{{{{{{{{{{{Get Well Vibes}}}}}}}}}}}} coming your way.
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Nemo please get better. He will be in my prayers. Such beautiful dogs. I do hope he makes it.
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OMG , that poor baby . Please give your sis a big from me

I sure will say a prayer for him
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Tricia, I hope Nemo recovers from this awful accident. Sending up lots of prayers and vibes from Down Under.
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Get well Nemo vibes for Nemo are on their way to You from me and Patches and Tiger.
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Many vibes & prayers going to Baby Nemo!

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Sending get well soon vibes and prayers to Nemo.

And many hugs to you and your sister.
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I'm so sorry this dog has to endure so much pain and suffering.
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I just saw this, do you have an update on the puppy for us?
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Oh no! Nemo is definitely in my thoughts!

Please do let us know how he fares.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
I just saw this, do you have an update on the puppy for us?
Unfortunately it's still touch and go with him.
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I hope he live! Poor baby dog!
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Lots of healing vibes flying over NZ. Come on Nemo, you can pull through this. Keep us posted Tricia.
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Poor puppy! I'm sending lots of healing vibes his way, I hope he survives!!!
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Poor Nemo! And hugs to the familyt! Esp to the little one that didn't latch the gate! He must feel so badly right now!


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Still praying for Nemo. Loads of good vibes.
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Poor Nemo This is the first time I have read this post, I am praying for Nemo and your sister. I hope he makes it ok.
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Thanks, gang, for the thoughts and prayers - they're really appreciated, and seem to be working. I just called for an update - Nemo is still hanging in there. He has a drain, and won't be able to leave the clinic till it is removed, and is begging to be taken home. He also has an infection, and is getting transfusions of antibiotics. The vets say he still isn't completely out of the woods, but stands a good chance of surviving. Because of his size and weight (well over 100 lbs., and he's still got a lot of growing to do), they want to do "hydrotherapy" once the incision is healed, i.e., have him swim a lot to strengthen his muscles so that he can bear his weight on three legs. The vets find him "unusually stubborn for a St. Bernard". Sounds like he's got a Dachshund's temperament. My youngest nephew, the one who didn't latch the gate properly, will be ten tomorrow, and isn't going to have a happy birthday with all that's going on. Poor kid. I feel sorry for him, but maybe this will teach him to act more responsibly. I just got into this subject with our 11-year-old niece on the phone this afternoon. I've got her parakeets for the next week and a half, and all she had was enough bird sand for two days and enough feed for three days when I picked them up Sunday evening. I naturally bought a 2-month supply of sand and a 6-month supply of feed yesterday, and gave the cage a decent scrubbing, but decided to give her a piece of my mind today about being a responsible pet owner. I also told her parents that it's their responsibility to make sure that she meets her obligations, which probably has p.o'd them. Not that I really care.
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Wow! He sounds like a real fighter. I am glad that he is feeling better and hope that he continues to improve. I hope that your nephew doesn't beat up on himself too much...this is an awfully painful lesson for him to learn.
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Oh Jcat you are good person! I hope he be happy and go home soon.
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Absolutely the best healing is being sent your way for your big guy! They are doing the right things w/getting the antibiotic into him as fast as possible and his size will help him fight. My Sasha had less than 2% chance, was in severe shock after our coyote attack two weeks ago and these procedures feel very similar, even though we have a canine here and a much larger animal under different trauma. We will be thinking of you and him and keep us updated, please!!
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Nemo keep on fighting to get better, lots of good vibes. Jcat you were so right to talk like that to your niece and her parents. Have fun with the parakeets. Hope Nemo soon starts to pull round.
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WTG Nemo!!!!!!

Still sending lots of healing vibes....
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Here's the latest update: It looks as if Nemo is going to pull through, but he still has to stay in the animal clinic for a while because of the infection. My sister and the kids visit him every day, but he's depressed about being there, according to the vets. I was searching for info about three-legged dogs on the Internet today. I'd always heard that dogs who've lost back legs generally have an easier time than those who've lost front legs, but apparently it's the other way around for large breeds, who often have trouble getting up with just one back leg. Unbelievably, there's a 6-year-old Border Collie named Meg in Timaru, New Zealand, that has lost her left foreleg and her right hind leg, and yet still manages to herd sheep. She only falls over if she has to stop suddenly.
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Nemo is being released from the animal clinic tomorrow. The vets are astounded that he survived. He's going to have to go back in at a later date for surgery on his tongue, which was injured when he was hit (sounds a bit like Sasha, who survived a coyote attack), but he's doing fairly well. His contact with the other pets (2 dogs and 2 cats, plus numerous rodents and reptiles) will have to be restricted for a few weeks, but he's made it!
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Wow! This is such an amazing story. I am so glad he survived this horrific ordeal.
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The person who hit him just kept driving - his survival is definitely due to some gas station employees who saw it happen and ran out to get him off the street and staunched the bleeding, and to a sheriff's deputy who loaded him into the car and raced him to the nearest clinic. Those people definitely deserve a big round of applause!
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