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Litter outside the box...

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We recently got Grissom one of those litter boxes with the lid type contraptions. Since our apartment is small and the litter box is rather out in the open, we thought this would be nicer for when company came over, and also we were told that this would cut down on the amount of kitty litter that got knocked outside of the box. Well, it cut down on that a bit, but not much. Normally it wouldn't bother me, but I really hate to step out of the shower in the morning and get kitty litter stuck to the bottom of my wet feet. (Sorry, I tend to ramble, must be the english major in me). The point of my post is: we saw these 'magnetic' strip type things that you lay in front of the box and supposed it attracts the litter so your cat doesn't track it through the room. Do these work? Are they worth the money? (They seem too gimicky for me) and can anyone suggest something better? cheaper? just as effective?

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I would recommend StopTrax you can find it on meowhoo.com under the category litter box accessories. Works great, wipes the litter off the pads of cat's feet and traps all the loose litter besides.
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I just put a piece of carpet under and in front of the litter box. It seems to work well. You can buy cheap squares at Dollar General or Wal Mart.
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There are also top-entry litter boxes ( www.clevercatbox.com) and ones with steps (the Booda Dome Clean Step) which are supposed to cut down on the amount of litter outside the box. The top-entry one isn't suitable for very large cats, though. I use a little rubber mat in front of the box, and keep a Dustbuster charged up and ready.
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