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The Owner of My Kitty Wants Him Back

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Three weeks ago I was planning to get a cat, cause I live in this country by myself and I don't get out of the house that much, and I want to have a friend with me and I can take good care of, and I really love cats.

I asked my friend to find me a cat from those people she knew, she lived here for so many years and she speak spanish and I don't.

She talked to her boyfriend that I wanted a cat, she explained it to her bf that he should get a kitty that nobody take good care of or nobody wanted the cat anymore.

So her bf got me a 2 months old kitty, I fell in love with him. When I got him, my kitty (Scuffy) stinks, dirty and had a lot of fleas. Since I don't have stuff for my kitty that day when I got Scuffy, so I gave him a bath, and I found, hundreds of fleas (no kidding!!! Hundreds of fleas!) I killed them one by one with my own hands. The next day I went to the pet store and bought bunch of stuff for Scuffy, toys, food, litter box, etc...

Scuffy was really scared when I tried to feed him, when I tried to pet him or even touch him, he always hide everytime he saw me. I posted here before about his problems. So I ignored him for a week, and everyday he get used to me, when I am in the computer he always jump on my lap and just sleep, or when I am doing my cross stitch, he is beside me either playing with my thread or sleeping, when I am cleaning the house he always follow me and when I am on the bed, he just jump on my bed and wanted to play with me, I always spend time with him, I play with him once in the morning after he eat and once in the evening before I go to sleep, so one hour in one day. I really love this kitty he is so adorable, he changed my daily routine, before I got up really late, now, I have to get up before 7:00am cause I have to feed him, I always clean the house everyday cause I don't want him to get sick and dirty, I don't clean the house very often before, just once a week.

My friend's bf went to visit him this morning, my friend called me on the phone and told me that her bf wanted to see Scuffy. I told her that she can come here and her bf to see the cat. Her apartment is just thirty seconds walk away from my house, she said they will come. I was waiting and they did not, and I called back, and she told me that her bf is really mad, and he wanted Scuffy back, he is really serious. I said, he can't get my kitty, he is mine now. And my friend said, it's your fault cause he just want to see the kitty for a minute.

I don't want to bring Scuffy over to her apartment for some reasons, one, there are two big dogs who lived right by her apartment and most of the time they sit on her front door. Two, Scuffy is not used to people, when he see people he is really scared, I want him to get used to people and I want him to be friendly. And last thing, when I take Scuffy outside while I am carrying him, he might jump off and run away, and we lived in the jungle, by the river, a lot of trees and he is an indoor cat, how am I gonna find him??? Why can't they just come, and visit Scuffy, it's not hard.

Well, before they gave it to me, I saw an add at the paper that I can adapt a kitty from the shelter. Why they gave it to me if they wanted it back?? I can get a cat from the shelter. They wanted my Scuffy back cause he is clean and healthy now and adorable, is that it??? I am sorry guys, I am just so upset.

I know that they can't get my Scuffy back, cause I won't let them in. It's just pissing me off, you know. I just can't understand why there are people like that.
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Was it even your friends BF cat in the first place? Reading your thread just made me so mad, I would say, do NOT take Scuffy to her house. No way! How good of friends are you with them? I don't know whether this is the right thing to do or not, but I wouldn't give Scuffy back. Especially since you have bonded, but it doesn't sound like the original owner took that good of care of Scuffy anyway. Also, if they come over to visit is it possible they would steak Scuffy?
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I too would say to keep this kitty inside. If you let Scruffy outside, stop doing so. Sounds like these people are unscrupulous and lazy and couldn't take proper care of the cat. Now that he looks good, and isn't anemic from all the fleas her boyfriend wants him back? I would have nothing to do with these people, and if your cat does vanish, their home would be the first place I would look!
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My friend's bf is not the owner of my Scuffy, he said, it's from their neighbor's, and Scuffy has a brother, I was thinking of my Scuffy's brother, I am sure they are not taking good care of him too like what they did to Scuffy, I want to get his brother and take it home, but it's impossible to happen now cause this guy is mad at me.They don't know where the mother is and and father of Scuffy.

Yeah, I am still mad, I can't believe this, it's so ridiculous!!! I won't let them in here, I won't even open the door.
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Hold your ground..seriously...you are the best thing in Scruffy's life.

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I can only repeat what everybody else is saying - don't give him back, and don't let him out. You could go and talk to your friend and her boyfriend, without taking Scuffy with you, and try to explain why you didn't bring him over, if the friendship is important to you, but now you are responsible for Scuffy and his well-being, i.e., he's your cat.
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Don't worry, I won't let them touch my kitty.

Actually, she is not my close friend, for her, I am her friend, cause I am nice to her. Nobody could stand her, she is annoying, I am the only one who can deal with her, honestly.
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Why is her bf mad at you btw? Is it because you refuse to give Scuffy back? I hate to say this, but in the situation your in it sounds like your better off without these people. Also, if it is possible they would steal Scuffy from you, you need to be very protective and on the look out. Keep Scuffy inside, lock your door when you leave etc.
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Why on earth would he be mad because you won't give him a kitty that wasn't even his to begin with? The nerve!
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Under no circumstances would I allow them to take the cat, even for a visit. You are caring for the cat, that makes it yours now, and not thiers or their neighbors. Was Scruffy an outside cat before?
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You are doing right by keeping Scuffy an indoor cat, and also for not allowing them in. Don't even think of going over there with him. You are Scuffy's Mom now and they have no right to him at all. As others have said keep your door locked, and if anything should happen you know where to look for him.
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OMG , I would be a little ticked off myself if I were you . And I have to agree with every one in here , keep the kitten . Please keep it in the house , or one day it may be gone . The big dogs also would worry me a little with the kitten going outdoors .
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What was their reason for wanting the kitty back? Have you talked to them about it?

Is it because he is better now or is it because someone misses him? Have you explained that the reason why you won't leave the house with him is because he is so skittish?

Have you found a reason why?
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My friend's bf is mad at me cause I did not bring Scuffy over, cause he said, he want to see Scuffy just for a minute. I told them to come to my house and they can see Scuffy, I explained why I can't bring Scuffy over, cause there are two big dogs on her front door, rotweiler dogs.

Cause of not bringing Scuffy to her apartment, they want Scuffy back, it doesn't make sense. Where they are going to take Scuffy? My friend always telling me that Scuffy is "OUR" cat, she did not even take good care of my kitty, she just touch Scuffy once, thats all.

I got Scuffy with no instructions, I did not even know about him, not even tiny bit, I figured it out myself. I don't know if he was indoor or outdoor cat, now, he is indoor, cause there are two dogs outside, and he likes it here inside the house, with his toys.
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Since your friends seem to have no understanding of a cat's needs, I believe you can ignore their demands with a clear conscience. Do what's best for Scuffy, which is obviously to keep and protect him. Your friend's BF's demands are totally irrealistic, and irresponsible.
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I'm sorry, but the BF sounds like he is acting like a petulant child. He had the cat, didn't care for it, gave it away, and now that he sees what he gave up, he's jealous and want's it back. Don't let them have it.

OHH! Look! I'm not a Kitten anymore!
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Congratulations Grissom.
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I wouldnt give the kitten back and I sure wouldn't take it over there. They either wouldn't let you leave with him or if they did, he would surely be reinfested with fleas. No way, you keep the kitty and tell him to forget about it. He obviously don't care for Scuffy as you do or he wouldnt have let him get in that condition and he wouldnt have given him up in the first place.
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I agree with everyone else and I have a few questions for you;

1. Did you pay any monies for this cat or exchange anything for him?

2. what are the chances that they could have the cat forcibly removed from you?

I don't know how things are in your country, but if he were to call animal control or the police, could Scuffy be forcibly and legally taken away?

Perhaps you should call someone in authority and find out what your rights are. Plus you might be taken down or recorded as making a concerned inquiry and it would look good if something, god forbid, were to happen.

I showed my husband your thread and he says "Tell them Scuffy died. I mean, if they never come over..."
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Well, the update now is he is asking for money, $100. I asked him before, how much was it, he said it was free. For one thing, I told my friend that I want a cat that "NOBODY" takes good care of him or "NOBODY" wants him anymore. So, I thought I made myself clear. When I got Scuffy, it was so obvious that nobody took good care of him, he got hundreds of fleas, dirty and his ears... (I forgot to metion before) his ears! You can't believe, it was like, Scuffy swam in the mud by looking inside his ears, full of ear mites!!!! Yes, you heard me, ear mites!!! No kidding!

I think I will just give the money, I don't want them to bother me anymore about Scuffy and I don't even want to see them. I talked to my lawyer about this earlier, my friend's bf is going to my lawyer tomorrow to sign the paper that he can't take Scuffy back, then my lawyer is going to give the money to him. I think this is a good idea, I will do anything not to lose my Scuffy.
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Is that what your lawyer advised???

That doesn't sound right. A verbal agreement is still an agreement.

But you're right. If it will get him off your back forever, then you'll just have to swallow it. But I still can't imagine a lawyer advising that.

What a
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No, it wasn't my lawyers advice. It was my decision, I don't want to deal with them anymore, I had enough of them today. I just can't take it, they are so careless about animals, specially to my Scuffy.

Thanks for the concern guys, really appreciate it.
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I hope everything turns out well for you.

Please keep us posted on how things pan out. Definitely get that agreement signed! So important!
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I would not give them any money A agreement is a agreement . Who knows they may come back later saying they did not get the money .
If you don't want to deal with them and pay them money , you need to make sure you get something in writing and sign by both . I also would tell them that you don't have that much money and only can give them $25.00 . And I think that would be more then fair . Just IMO
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from eneelk
I talked to my lawyer about this earlier, my friend's bf is going to my lawyer tomorrow to sign the paper that he can't take Scuffy back, then my lawyer is going to give the money to him.
I think this is a very smart move. How much is the lawyer going to charge for this process?
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I read this thread and then I read the title "The Owner of my kitty wants him back", wouldn't that be the old owner? Because you own him now. Don't let them near him and don't give them any money. You said the boyfriend said the cat was free, that's a verbal agreement and also you've spent money on Scuffy getting him nice and healthy. He's your cat. They can't take him off you.

Keep us posted.
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When you went in and spoke to the lawyer, did you go in and say that you wanted to pay these people $100 and ask him to draw up a contract, or did you explain the situation and thats what he reccomended? I don't know about Costa Rica, but I think here a verbal agreement will hold up in court. (learned off Peoples Court, thank you judge Milian ) Also, did you take Scuffy to the vet? If so wouldn't the vet be able to to attest to his well being before and after you had him? If you brought him in right away, he would have seen the fleas, ear mites etc. and now you have taken good care of him and cleaned him up etc.
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I would get a copy of Scuffy's chart from the vet and ask your attorney if he honestly thinks paying them $100 is a fair deal for you. In my dealings with slimeballs over the years, I have found they will use your money to pay for an attorney to drag you through the dirt in court. You have a verbal agreement and that will hold in court, especially if you have witnesses. Has the boyfriend ever given you a reason for wanting Scuffy back? Cover yourself as well, keep receipts for everything you have purchased for Scuffy, vet bills, etc. If worse comes to worse, you would be able to prove that they did not care for this cat in the least. Personally, I think he is trying to bully you since he didn't get his way and he will eventually lay off once he doesnt get a rise out of you. Other than that, I would avoid them at all costs and keep your kitty under a watchful eye until this all blows over.
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I have this lawyer for a long time. My lawyer didn't agree with me to pay the guy, I just don't want to deal with them anymore, I want them to stop, I am so sick of him, he is making me so angry when I just think of him

The next day I got Scuffy, I spent all my day buying him stuff, cleaning the house so he will have a nice home, and went to the vet, we spent a long time from the vet, cause he was not healthy, he got some shots.

I keep all the bills, all the receipts, everything, and I gave it to my lawyer. The guy signed the papers that he is not going to bug me anymore about Scuffy. The guy got some lessons from my lawyer first before he got the money

These people are taking every chances they can get from me, cause I am not from Costa Rica, (I am from Philippines), I don't speak fluent spanish, and I am really nice to my "friend".

I am glad everything is settled now, I really thank you guys for helping me and giving me ideas, I really appreciate it, I really do. People here at TCS are cool
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How horrible! No way would I give Scuffy back to them. Suffy wasn't theirs anyway. Right? They were just the middle men. I agree with Hissy. Keep Scuffy inside. In fact I'd take him to the vet and have him vaccinated and so on, so you have a record that you are caring for the cat and the owner of the cat (or he's the owner of you )!

Opps, sorry. With this new forum format I didn't see your last post because there weren't any pages to go to! Good job for you! Sounds like you have everything under control!
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