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Help me name my new cat

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Well I brought her in to 2 vets yesterday. The first was my usual vet who was so booked that they could only scan her for a microchip but not actually do an exam. She is not chipped! I was relieved in a way, since I would love to keep her. So I called around and was finally able to find a place within 30 minutes of me that would see her. We had a fun time at the vet, they actually have some interesting "unadoptable" pets there that just about broke my heart, they were so sweet! Anyway thats another store

So the vet looked her over briefly. He had squeezed me in right before they were closing so he was in just a bit of a hurry. I do plan to bring her back in to my regular vet this week because I would like a more thorough examination. But I got her up to date on shots, she tested negative for FLV. She weighs about 8.5 lbs. She is such a sweetheart!!!! She just sat there for the shots and blood test, didnt make a fuss at all. She was more interested in trying to explore the room.

Im a little concerned that she hadnt eaten all day yestreday. I offered 2 different kids of wet foods and a mixture of dry. She licked some of the wet stuff but didnt actually eat any of the pieces. She is peeing in the litter box. No stools yet, but I was gone last night so I will check this morning when I go home. He said she was spayed and seems to be healthy. She has 1 broken tooth, one of the sharp pointy ones in front. He estimated she might be about 4 years old or so. She had some problem with her back paws though. 2 nails were ripped clean out And a few of the pads look like they were injured and are starting to heal a bit.

I called the local humane societies and there were no reports for her. I also have a call in with the local police and checked with the 2 vet offices. No one appears to be looking for her. So she is with us to stay, at least for now. I will keep an eye out for her owners but I am ok with keeping her indefinitely. Shes a very sweet cat.

Can you guys help me come up with some name suggestions? I would like something that sort of flows or matches with my current 3; Morgan, Abby (Abigail) and Jayce.

Here are some pictures of her:

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Here is the back paw that shows her hurt pads.
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Awww, she's so sweet!!!
Glad she checked out ok.

She looks like an Angel to me!!!
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awww, how cute!! I'm glad she is okay. She has very pretty coloring.
How about the name Angel as a possibility, like in Stormy's post?
She does seem like one
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She's beautiful.
Names the go with other cats name:
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OMG what a beauty , poor thing . I am so glad you got her . I guess you must had a thread in a other forum (stray/feral ? ) and must have missed it .

How about "Mocha" or Cocolate short Coco ? She looks sooooo cute to me

I just found your other thread , good job
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i don't know how much of a flow these would be, but i look at her (she's sleek and beautiful) and i would call her venus, diva, elvira, delila, duchess or trance (because she is has me in a trance by her beauty). just my two cents worth anyway. she's definately a beauty.
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She looks like an Anna to me!
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What about "Magic"?
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She is very beautiful
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I need to get some pictures without the flash because in all of them so far she has that squinty look You cant see her pretty ice blue eyes! I like Elvira, Delilah, Mocha, Serene or Serena and Olivia so far. Shes a classy little girl around these parts
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I owuld call her Kayla.
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If you click here, it may be just what you're looking for.
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How about Lucy?
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Does she have a name yet??
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what about isobel?
I'm so mean when I name animals, lol I'm into alliteration.. Just ends up being bad.
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Because of her beautiful coloring, how about Latte, or because she seems so sweet, Dulce.
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Originally Posted by PurrfectCatlove
How about "Mocha" or Cocolate short Coco ? She looks sooooo cute to me
I second the vote for Mocha!
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I'd be tempted to call her Bella, because she is so pretty. I like the name Mocha that has already been suggested though.
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what do you think of Macey? I think it flows with your other cats' names, but that could be because it's a mix of your other cats' names. Good luck finding a new name!
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