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Cat labor and mucous

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Hello all!

I have spent hours trying to research this myself before I posted, but I am not getting any answers to my question.

I grew up on a farm with many cats and have helped a few through labor, usually after the first was born (except once). I have been a volunteer for the Southern Oregon Humane Society and a foster home for them. I now live in Northwestern Oregon and once again found myself rescuing a kitten. My husband lost his job and suddenly we barely had food money, let alone money for spaying our very young kitten. Since she was only an indoor cat we weren't too worried and thought that we could delay it a little. But as the story goes.... before we could have her spayed she escaped out the door during her very first heat (that I had noticed, anyway)! Luckily I already have homes lined up for them. We already have a "waiting list" of 6 people and I have warned them they may not all get one!

Stitch will be spayed as soon as the kitties are weaned. She is only an indoor cat now that she lives with us. I already know about what to do during pregnancy, birth and after birth. My only questions concerns the beginning stages of labor and the mucous plug.

Stitch is normally a very slender cat. We did all of the appropriate vaccinations and worming. She has always had a good appetite and is healthy and happy but very skinny.

She is rather big but not as big as most cat's I have seen ready for labor. Her bottom half sets of nipples are bagging up and are very pink, but do not express milk. She still has a little bit of an appetite. I really did not expect her to begin labor for another week. I am not sure of the breeding date, but I am familiar with the signs of labor. I expected it to be at least another week before she has them. Maybe she will have a small (1 or 2) litter of kittens?

This morning she walked up to me and looked right into my eyes and meowed like she was worried. I checked her vagina and she had a dried up, biege colored, mucous "plug". She also had some small pieces of dried feces on her anus that I didn't want dropping on the floor that my 3 year old plays on. So, I used a baby wipe to very gently clean it off and cleaned off the crusty mucous on her vagina as well. She had more mucous beneath it. I set her down and she cleaned herself. An hour later she had more coming out and cleaned it up again. Her vagina has turned lighter (almost white) in color and seems a tiny bit enlarged. The mucous had a slight green tent to it but no odor and no blood. Now there is a very small wall of dried mucous at the vaginal opening making it kind of dried shut.

I am just not sure what to make of it. I want to make sure that it isn't some type of infection of something. I have never witnessed a cat losing it plug. I really wasn't expecting her to go into labor quite yet but it is her first (and only!) batch and I know they can be unpredictable. Her behavior the last few days before today, has consisted of a ferociuos appetite (many, many small meals) and crazy running back and forth all over the house playing.

Please, any advice?


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Hi Steph,

When I was breeding cats, my observations were that pinkish tinged mucous would be seen and then labor should begin within 36 hours. The greenish tint you described seeing once is not normal - this would concern me. It makes me wonder if there has been a premature rupture of one kitten's sac or if she's developed a uterine infection.

I hope other currently breeding folks will also chime in so you can get a concensus view point....I would def. get her in to a vet if she does not start labor within the next 2 days (since it sounds like you have already been seeing this discharge for a day).

Please keep us posted?
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Thanks for your reply. I think that I will take her to the vet tomorrow just in case! I love her very much!

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An update....
She has no more mucous, her vagina is clean, but she is losing her appetite. I'm out of wet food so I can't test with that. I will try in the morning before the vet. Otherwise, she is behaving normally for a pregnant cat. I am very worried about this though! I would REALLY appreciate any input on this. PLEASE!

We just lost our big, gorgeous, black male (nuetered) cat, ECHO. He was hit by a car. I have a 3 year old. It is not easy to explain. I am terrified that something will happen to Stitch now. She is such a sweet little grey tabby kitty.

I would be sad to lose the kittens, but I would be awful to lose Stitch, too. How serious would a ruptured sack or something be to her mortality?

Thank you for your time,

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Hi Steph,

It's hard to say why she's losing her appetite, but that also does go along with labor beginning soon (to check my memory I did a little google search, losing appetite 24 hours before labor is common).

A kitty can have a kitten who has already passed pre-delivery and still deliver other healthy kittens (I personally saw this in one litter)...but I'm not a vet or vet tech (I was a labor and delivery rn and do take that knowledge along with my experience in breeding for some of my comments)...I am ONLY concerned that you saw a bit of green discharge. The other colors of discharge and that you saw it, goes along with normal, soon to go in labor sings.

I agree that it would be best to have your vet see her, examine any discharge, but I don't want you to just be worrying. Watch her water intake, see if the babies still feel like they are rolling around a bit, offer her wet food often, to see if she'll eat a little bit.

I don't know the thread, but I think it's possible to do a search for a thread on labor and delivery...if I'm wrong (and I'll go see if I can find it and post it here) then I hope one of the mods will post it here for you.

Let me go see what I can find,
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Pat & Alix,

Thank you so much for your help. I did read every thread that I could find on this site about labor. That is actually how I was led here. I google searched cat labor and I read of a recent post about a cat with an owner from Canada, who is anxiously waiting kittens. I am so happy that I was led to this site. I have people to talk to about my kitty now!

I really appreciate your time and effort!

Steph & Stitch
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Okay...just in case you missed this one I'm posting a thread I found anyway...
thread on labor and delivery

I'm glad you found TCS, its a place where a of cats is shared by all.
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Steph..I'm not sure if the families you have lined up for a kitten already have a cat...but it is recommended that kittens either go as a pair or into homes that already have a cat:

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