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I started to go to the store today and found kittens on my porch. The mommy cat is one that my father-in-law raised with the help of his dog. Faith saw the kitten as her puppy so just took right to raising it. These kittens are cute so I will try to play with them as much as possible. The mommy cat loves all over our dog so I don't have any worries on that part. The kittens are scared but I think with some loving and some handling they will turn out to be very loving kittens.
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Kittywarden I am a bit confused (not hard for me). Does the mom cat live with your father in law, how did the kittens get onto your porch? Are they newborn, or how old?
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Alright Sis You didn't let me know that you had some kittens around there. I must get over there and help you with socializing them I will bring my camera so we can take some pictures for you too
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Ok gals! Let's see some pics!
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There are several cats in this neighborhood and this is one way of identifying which cat it is. My father-in-law died 2 years ago so the cat belongs to my mother-in-law with several others of the family taking care of this cat. She is an outside cat and I know that she had kittens somewhere with just glimpses of them over the past several weeks due to the mom cat moving them cause the dogs we have keep messing with them. The other night mom cat was on the porch calling her kittens and we told her to bring them up front. Saturday morning I went outside and there are 3 gray stripped kittens laying on the porch. Antenna the mom cat laying right with them with the proudest look on her face of LOOK at my babies. These kittens look to be about 5 weeks old and able to walk, run, and spit and snarl but not enough to do major hand damage if picked up. If I don't start handling them soon they will turn feral and I will not be able to handle this kittens at all. Antenna was raised by a dog so she gets along with my dog but the neighbors dog trys her best to kill the kittens so we have to watch and make sure she does not mess with the kittens when she is out.

I hope this explains the situtation around here with the cats. I have had cats for several years up until recently when the last one I had died. So I have been wanting another cat but I am wanting a white one or a siamese kitten to raise but my husband has said NO on more animals around here. That and it is to painful to have more animals to attach too just to have something happen to them and they die. There has been to much of that for us recently anyway. . May this make it clear as I can for all that do not understand.
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So what are you going to do with those kittens
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Sorry about my confusion Kittwarden. I understand completely now. So what are you going to do? Has your husband seen them? You must want to take them in so badly.
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knowing my Sister she will have these babies tamed and her hubby too in no time.
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Great! Go for it girl.
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If they are still with the mom leave them with mom until they are about 12 weeks old. Then trap mom and babies, take mom in to be spayed and keep the babies indoors while feeding them and interacting with them. They really don't revert back to feral nature automatically if they are totally unhandled, they just take a bit more work is all.

They should stay with mom at least till they are 12 weeks old, because by then she will have taught them everything she knows. Simply sitting outside and spending time on the ground near mom and her babies, will show them that they have nothing to fear from humans and they will come to accept you. It does take time- putting a toy on a string and playing around with them in this fashion- while still sitting on the ground helps them to accept you. Talking to them in a low voice while they are out there, doesn't matter what you say, will help them accept you. Getting a t-shirt sweaty with your scent and putting the shirt under mom's food bowl, will help the kittens to accept you.
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The kittens and mom are still around and following my husband all over the place which is one sure way of getting his love The kids I take care of during the day play with the kittens when they can. Which is taking chances that they will get squished from to much hugging from the littlest ones. So all around it is looking very good that we will get to keep the kittens
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The kids are socializing those kittens. How old are the kids you care for? Are you are really worry that they could be rough with the kittens? If so use the one hand rule. Only one hand on the kittens. Easy to understand

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The kids are 2,4,7, and 9 years old the youngest does not understand why the kittens want to run when he goes for them. There are 4 kids I keep most of the time with extras thrown in most any day. :troll:
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one of the kittens has went to a new home but it is with one of my neices that got the kitten. She has already claimed it as MY Kitty. Which is saying a lot for a two year old child.
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Originally Posted by Kittywarden
one of the kittens has went to a new home but it is with one of my neices that got the kitten. She has already claimed it as MY Kitty. Which is saying a lot for a two year old child.
Which one of the babies went to her home? I know that you will miss him as they are all cuties
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Do we get to see any pics?

Good on you for taking those babies inside, are you going to keep the mother cat as an inside cat??
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