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The Day After Tomorrow Movie (spoiler alert!)

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Anyone seen it yet? I just have and I loved it!
The plot is very weak and banal but the special effects are superb and it's very well directed.
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Nope, haven't and won't be seeing this one! I'm not surprised to hear the effects are wonderful - all the previews have been quite something!
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I liked it. There were a few scenes that were corny, but this like any more. i liked the ending.
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I loved it. The first time it comes out in VHS it is mine! Awesome special effects, and SOME of the points are valid, loss of salinity, effect of fresh water, ice melting. Loved it!!!!
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I haven't seen it yet. I saw Deep Impact and Armageddon. The critics liked the first and hated Armageddon, but I thought Armageddon was the better of the two. I will probably see DAT on DVD, but just remember special effects don't always make the movie.
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I watched Deep Impact and the only thing I could think of was 5 hours of tedium and 30 seconds of special effects. Armegeddon on the other hand was the movie that Deep Impact wished it had been. Bought that too.
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I think DAT should be viewed on the big screen - I think it would lose a lot on DVD (unless you have a very big screen at home ). For me, special effects can make the movie - when it's a movie of this type. Didn't care much about the plot really...
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I never go to the movies anymore, but I did go for the last two installments of the Lord of the Rings. I just couldn't wait for the DVD. The movies are the best. Is it just me, or are movies screens larger now than they used to be? I only have a 24 inch TV, and a movie like DAT would definitely lose out on the TV screen. Then again, I like to watch DVD's on my 19 inch computer monitor. I always try to get full screen DVD's. I hate those widescreen letter box scenes.
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